Showcase Dashboards Securely and Effortlessly With Skykit’s Offering in the Datadog Marketplace | Datadog

Showcase dashboards securely and effortlessly with Skykit’s offering in the Datadog Marketplace

Author Aaron Kaplan

Published: October 26, 2022

For many organizations, making the most of the visibility Datadog offers into the health and performance of their infrastructure means displaying dashboards to stakeholders in various settings continuously and in real time. But the standard solutions for sharing dashboards to large-format displays can be onerous, involving sundry software and hardware and restrictive manual setups. These solutions can also pose significant security risks, since they tend to involve sharing passwords or devices.

Skykit is a cloud-based platform specializing in digital signage solutions, including tools for content and device management. We’re pleased to announce that the Skykit Digital Signage license is now available in the Datadog Marketplace. This license enables you to programmatically broadcast your dashboards across any number of displays and maximize the always-on visibility offered by Datadog, while eliminating the risks and complexities of sharing passwords, devices, and more.

Securely display your dashboards anywhere, anytime

Using Skykit’s intuitive interface, you can easily and securely share dashboards wherever you need them, whether that’s throughout your organization’s headquarters or in offices around the world. Purchasing the Skykit Digital Signage license enables you to access this interface and connect your Datadog dashboards to Beam, Skykit’s content management system for digital signage, via the Dashboard Connections add-on.

Connect Datadog dashboards to Skykit Beam to share them to any display.

Beam offers a layer of security against the vulnerabilities that tend to accompany dashboard sharing. By enabling SSO access to your dashboards, Beam eliminates the need for shared passwords and devices such as USB keys. This allows you to share dashboards widely while giving you greater control over who can access and edit them.

Alongside this enhanced security, Beam expedites the process of sharing dashboards exactly where and when you need them by allowing you to connect to any number of displays and alternate between different Datadog dashboards, either on a schedule or on demand. Displaying dashboards prominently and in real time can play an essential role in foregrounding vital data—from backend traces to infrastructure metrics to business-team KPIs—for anyone in your organization. You may, for example, want to display certain dashboards in office common areas in order to showcase high-level business analytics for anyone and everyone in your organization. Other dashboards will fall strictly under the purview of specific teams: displaying these in dedicated office areas may be instrumental in cultivating general awareness of—or reinforcing continual vigilance toward—emergent issues, overarching patterns and trends, and everything in between.

Control real-time, always-on visibility throughout your entire organization

Skykit’s Digital Signage license lets you effortlessly display your dashboards wherever you need them, providing any and all of your stakeholders with secure, tailored, always-on visibility. Purchase the license from the Datadog Marketplace today and help ensure your organization gets the insights it needs out of monitoring with Datadog.

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