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Migrate to the cloud with confidence

Get deep visibility into cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments during cloud migrations. With Datadog, organizations can fully map their legacy and cloud-based systems, monitor real-time data during every phase of the cloud migration, and ensure that migrated applications meet performance targets.

During Neto’s migration project, the visibility provided by Datadog was critical to maintaining platform reliability and ensuring business as usual for Neto’s customers. For six months, Neto’s legacy and cloud infrastructures were running simultaneously as customer assets were transferred from MySQL to hosted Amazon Aurora databases. Datadog helped ensure the accurate, on-time migration of these customer assets by collecting, aggregating, and displaying metrics from databases in both environments on a single platform.

Visualize cloud and on-premises infrastructure in one place

On any infrastructure platform, Datadog offers unified visibility across servers, containers, applications, and services. Engineering teams can get a bird's-eye view of all servers and containers, broken out by datacenter or cloud provider, to aid in capacity planning and ensure that cloud resources are right-sized when mapping out cloud migration strategies.

Visualize your entire infrastructure in a single view.

Map applications and dependencies for migration planning

In the service map and network map, developers can visualize data flow between services and infrastructure components to build a complete understanding of an application's architecture and dependencies. Using Datadog’s host map, you can visualize and color code metrics across your cloud or on-premise hosts. That foundation allows teams to fully map their legacy systems and make data-driven architectural decisions as they create a cloud migration strategy.

Understand dependencies and view application architecture with service and network maps.

Monitor on-premises and cloud environments during a cloud migration

Datadog provides real-time visibility into on-premises, public cloud, and private cloud platforms, and retains performance metrics at full granularity for 15 months. With comprehensive data for real-time and historical analysis, engineering teams can monitor key performance indicators before, during, and after a cloud migration. This cross-platform visibility allows teams to ensure that migrated applications meet performance benchmarks, and to make real-time adjustments as they cut over legacy applications.

Track all stages of your cloud migration with real time dashboards.

Ensure a successful migration to Azure

Datadog provides critical visibility into your environment at each of the phases recommended in the Azure's Cloud Adoption Framework. This includes the creation of an adoption strategy, ensuring your environment is ready to move to the cloud, and safely migrating your workloads. By providing a single source of truth, Datadog helps you better plan and track your cloud migration's progress and identify problems as soon as they occur.

Ensure a successful migration to Azure.