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Real-time interactive dashboards

Correlate metrics, traces, logs, and more for collaborative analysis

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Synthesize all of your data with the click of a button

Mix and match data from apps, hosts, containers, services, networks, and more.

  • See performance overviews and business metrics side by side for total visibility
  • Pivot in one click to correlations and machine learning insights
  • Follow your data to other parts of the platform without losing context
  • Explore your infrastructure, logs, UX, security, and network performance together for complete observability

Create new dashboards in seconds

Out-of-the-box dashboards, drag-and-drop widgets, and keyboard editing shortcuts help you get started in seconds.

  • Get started fast with templated dashboards
  • Autogenerate new dashboards via API
  • Copy and paste widgets across the platform for faster time to value
  • Build new views with no query language or coding required

Quickly choose the right visualization for your data

Select from an extensive library of visualization tools to best represent your data.

  • Highlight current values of critical KPIs, SLOs, and SLAs with alerts directly in your dashboards
  • Automatically graph with heatmaps, stacked graphs, toplists, and more
  • Bring in host maps, service maps, summaries, and more
  • Configure dashboard displays to best suit your team’s needs

Bring in collaborators and share dashboards with stakeholders

Use Datadog’s built-in collaboration features and publicly shareable dashboards to keep everyone in sync.

  • Generate public URLs to provide real-time views to external teams
  • Apply sophisticated internal access controls to always share securely
  • Annotate any graph to alert teams to issues and bring in collaborators
  • Break down organizational silos during outages or ongoing investigations

Improve data insight with correlations, custom functions, and transformations

Use built-in formulas to analyze metrics, or use the code editor to write your own transformations.

  • Draw on multiple sources to synthesize composite metrics
  • Seamlessly toggle between edit, overview, and correlation modes for each graph
  • Compare metrics month-to-month or over custom periods of time
  • Detect outliers and anomalies in real time