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Sensitive Data Scanner

Sensitive Data Scanner

Discover, classify, and redact sensitive data to build a modern compliance strategy at scale.

Datadog’s Sensitive Data Scanner helps businesses meet compliance goals by discovering, classifying, and redacting sensitive data — in real-time and at scale. Datadog scans for patterns of sensitive data upon ingestion and then hashes or redacts it following built-in or user-defined rules to help businesses stay compliant with GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and more.

Configure Sensitive Data Scanner to build a scalable and holistic compliance strategy

  • Define exactly which data you want to scan using filters
  • Enable scanning for Log Management, APM, and RUM with a single click
  • Scan your data in real-time at ingestion to prevent data leaks
Configure Sensitive Data Scanner to build a scalable and holistic compliance strategy

Classify sensitive data based on its content, source, or designated risk level

  • Standardize data classification across dev, ops, and security teams and across different cloud platforms and hybrid environments
  • Accelerate classification through out-of-the-box rules that capture common patterns, such as credit card numbers, API keys, tokens, AWS secret keys, and others
  • Inform data governance policies with searchable tags on risk level, data source and priority about your company’s management of sensitive private data

Get a comprehensive understanding of sensitive data with dashboards and alerts

  • Save time by scanning and tagging of new hosts, containers, and applications as soon as they are spun up
  • Tag sensitive data to allow teams to create real-time alerts and build dashboards
  • Reduce false positives with the help of industry-standard detection techniques, such as the Luhn algorithm
Automatically discover sensitive data across your cloud environment

Redact sensitive data from security breaches and both insider and external threat actors

  • Scrub sensitive data with predefined scanners from Datadog’s Data Scanner Library or custom scanners
  • Build a modern compliance strategy by combining sensitive data scanning with Datadog’s fully integrated role-based access control (RBAC) permissions and restriction queries
  • Use audit logs to keep a full record of user activity on the Datadog platform

Customer Testimonials

Datadog Sensitive Data Scanner provides complete visibility into the flow of PII data. As we migrate to the cloud, it has become a critical part of our data loss prevention strategy.

Kevin McGill

Kevin McGill

VP Cloud Services, Citizens Bank

SDS provides full visibility into PII across our cloud services and apps, giving us greater control over our data so we can ensure it's appropriately protected.

Kalyana Kavuri

Director of Engineering, Homesite Insurance




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