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Amazon Web Services Monitoring

Monitor every layer of complex AWS environments

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a widely adopted cloud platform for building and managing global-scale applications. It’s used by companies of all sizes—from start-ups looking to reduce upfront infrastructure cost, to enterprises aiming to build and release products to market faster. AWS provides the ability to deploy distributed, scalable infrastructure, but it also introduces complexity as companies need visibility into every layer of their infrastructure to efficiently diagnose performance issues.

Datadog simplifies monitoring for your teams by collecting and unifying all of the data streaming from these complex environments. We provide more than 750+ built-in integrations for quick, convenient consolidation of all your systems, out-of-the-box dashboards for visualizations and troubleshooting, and preconfigured alerts with Recommended Monitors for proactive monitoring.

Getting started with enterprise-scale visibility for your entire tech stack is easy. Our 1-click integration enables teams to pull in metrics and tags from over 100 AWS services, and our multi-account setup options with AWS Organizations or AWS Control Tower makes it easy to gain full visibility over your multi-account and multi-region AWS environment in minutes.

Companies can also deploy the Datadog Agent directly on their hosts and Amazon EC2 compute instances to collect more metrics with greater granularity, such as memory utilization and disk latency—down to one-second resolution. As a result, organizations have access to both a high-level view into the health of their infrastructure and applications, as well as a service-level view into individual, mission-critical services such as AWS Lambda and Amazon EKS.

Secure your AWS Environment

As applications expand and new features are added, securing the full scope of an AWS environment becomes increasingly complex. Coupled with the greater Datadog observability platform, Datadog Security brings unprecedented integration between security and operations aligned to an organization’s shared goals.

Datadog Security includes key products such as Cloud Security Management, Application Security Management, and Cloud SIEM. Cloud Security Management delivers real-time threat detection and continuous configuration audits across an organization’s entire AWS infrastructure, while Application Security Management provides observability into application-level attacks that aim to exploit code-level vulnerabilities. With Cloud SIEM, teams can analyze operational and security logs in real time.

Engineering teams can build, scale, and manage their cloud-based applications with confidence knowing that their AWS environment is fully secured with Datadog. Datadog Security combines observability data with a full spectrum of security insights through out-of-the-box threat detection rules that facilitate comprehensive security analysis of malicious patterns across the entire technology stack.

Track every phase of a migration to AWS

When migrating applications to AWS or other platforms, companies often refactor them to leverage the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. This requires teams to choose the right services to support their architecture in order to decrease friction during the migration. Datadog enables teams to seamlessly track the performance of their services side-by-side in every stage of a migration, so they can ensure expected benchmarks are met. And with 750+ integrations, Datadog can monitor even more of the application services companies rely on during a migration, including those not deployed on AWS.

To visualize performance before, during, or after a migration, teams can rely on a variety of Datadog products and capabilities. For example, teams can use the Host Map to monitor real-time data such as CPU utilization and network throughput for all hosts. Datadog’s Database Monitoring can also provide deep visibility into the health and performance of their databases running in AWS or on-prem across all hosts, paired with Datadog’s native database integrations for MySQL, Aurora, MariaDB, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

Additionally, with machine learning-driven features such as forecasting, teams can address problems with applications before they significantly impact customers. For instance, teams can forecast memory usage on newly migrated EC2 instances and scale their infrastructure resources accordingly.

Monitor network throughput and CPU utilization for all hosts across availability zones.

Deep visibility into on-prem, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments

As organizations migrate from on-premise to hybrid or multi-cloud environments, they often rely on multiple monitoring tools for end-to-end visibility. This can create data silos and limits teams in their ability to troubleshoot issues and successfully migrate to another platform.

Datadog unifies observability data from any host and service, providing comprehensive, cross-platform visibility into critical applications. Teams can visualize the dependencies between databases, APIs, containers, and more with Datadog's Service Map, enabling them to easily monitor the data flowing from on-premise to AWS or multi-cloud architectures.

Monitor the data flowing from on-premise to AWS or multi-cloud architectures with the Service Map.

Auto-scale with rapidly evolving infrastructure

Ephemeral infrastructure platforms such as Amazon ECS, Amazon EKS, and AWS Lambda can auto-scale to support application traffic, creating new resources to meet demand or downsizing them to remove excess capacity. Legacy monitoring tools are often not able to capture data from these dynamic environments without additional configuration.

Datadog integrates with serverless technologies like AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate to collect real-time data for full visibility, and automatically scales with infrastructure by monitoring resources as soon as they spin up. And with native integrations for services such as AWS CloudFormation, Chef, and Terraform, organizations can leverage their existing tools to deploy and configure Datadog on new application resources instantly.

Manage your AWS cloud costs

One of the most common challenges in migrating successfully to the cloud is managing budgets. Organizations often struggle to properly optimize their applications or leverage the cost savings options that AWS offers as these transitions occur. Datadog Cloud Cost Management is able to support these organizations by creating a unified layer of visibility across teams and services in a single pane of glass.

Engineering teams can seamlessly correlate the cost of cloud infrastructure with their performance and identify areas for optimization. What would otherwise be siloed data can instead be used in out-of-the-box dashboards to understand where spend is concentrated during a migration. Service and team-specific reports can also help the entire organization develop a cost-conscious approach to performance optimization and control the costs of migration. This approach has long-tail downstream benefits by introducing costs early, creating a culture of cost-ownership across the organization.

Accelerate onboarding to the cloud and deploy with confidence

Having the ability to share critical information and context across the organization is key for ensuring customer satisfaction and strengthening internal buy-in for adopting AWS services. A single source of truth instills confidence in an organization's ability to rapidly resolve incidents. Datadog offers comprehensive, collaboration-friendly tools that every team within an organization can use to review and share information. This enables them to easily visualize the connections between their application services, collaborate on real-time data, and troubleshoot issues faster.