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Real User Monitoring

End-to-end visibility into user journeys throughout the tech stack

Discover how frontend performance can impact your business

Prioritize business and engineering decisions with user experience metrics.

  • Visualize load times, frontend errors, and page dependencies
  • Correlate business and application metrics
  • Troubleshoot quickly with app, infrastructure, and business metrics in a single dashboard
Monitor frontend performance with user experience metrics

Troubleshoot user-facing incidents faster

View session data to understand the experience of each user.

  • No sampling: view UX data for all user sessions
  • Uncover an incident's root cause with full-stack context
  • Use RUM's powerful analytics to identify affected users

Find patterns in how your product is used

Quickly search and group your views by session to exhibit and monitor user journeys.

  • Dive into specific user journeys to resolve incidents, using any combination of attributes (like browser, location, and more) regardless of cardinality
  • Collect and enrich user action data
  • Visualize critical RUM metrics by geography

Get started in minutes

Start receiving actionable insights quickly.

  • Install a single SDK to collect frontend metrics and telemetry
  • See critical RUM health metrics with an out-of-the-box dashboard
  • Explore rich real user monitoring data in an intuitive interface without any query language
Easily see critical RUM metrics with an out-of-the-box dashboard