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Real User Monitoring

End-to-end visibility into user journeys for web and mobile applications

Discover how frontend performance can impact your business

Prioritize business and engineering decisions with user experience metrics.

  • Visualize load times, frontend errors, and dependencies for both browser and mobile apps
  • Correlate user experience and application usage with business metrics
  • Identify root cause of application slow downs and optimize code, network, or resource sizes
Monitor frontend performance with user experience metrics

Troubleshoot user-facing incidents faster

Intelligently group high volume application errors into a small number of issues with Error Tracking

  • Upload source maps to track errors down to the line of code
  • Identify issues and pivot to see the complete user journey of affected customers
  • Slice-and-dice to look for errors affecting a specific environment, browser, OS, and more
Troubleshoot user-facing incidents faster

Understand how customers are using your products

Aggregate every user session by segments critical to your business

  • Dive into specific user journeys to resolve incidents using any combination of attributes (like browser, location, and more)
  • Automatically collect and correlate user actions (click, swipe, tap) with every user session
  • Visualize user experience data with flexible dashboards including time series, top lists, and tables

Add custom attributes and metrics for business context

Correlate user experience data in sessions with business context

  • Augment your user sessions with attributes like code version, env, and more
  • Attach custom user actions to events like button clicks, taps, and swipes
  • Send custom metrics to keep track of application KPIs like average customer basket size or request latency

Triage and resolve issues with a unified view of user journeys

Visualize and pivot between metrics, traces, and logs for insight into your whole stack

  • Find resources that are increasing application load times with the waterfall chart
  • Pivot from user experience data to request traces and logs for complete context when triaging issues
  • Unify monitoring in a single platform for frontend and backend development teams