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Real User Monitoring

Real User Monitoring

Optimize and improve performance across your web application

Datadog Real User Monitoring (RUM) provides deep insight into your application’s frontend performance. Monitor real user data in order to optimize your web performance and provide exceptional user experiences. Correlate synthetic tests, backend metrics, traces, and logs in a single place to quickly identify and troubleshoot performance issues across the stack.


Datadog has been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability

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Monitor and measure web application performance

  • Quantify how users are interacting with your application with critical performance data such as Core Web Vitals and load times
  • Visualize frontend metrics and slice-and-dice user data by country, device, feature flag data, and more
  • Continually monitor frontend performance with customizable out-of-the-box dashboards, troubleshooting flows to improve page performance, and real-time alerting
Monitor and measure web application performance

Identify errors and prioritize troubleshooting

  • Automatically group high-volume application errors into a focused set of issues with Error Tracking
  • Pinpoint the root cause of JavaScript errors down to the line of code
  • Gain real-time insight into which segments of your customer base are experiencing issues

Contextualize performance investigations with user behavior data

  • Get a pixel-perfect recreation of the user’s experience with Session Replay for additional context around issues
  • Automatically collect and correlate every resource, error, and user action during each session
  • Easily identify your application’s biggest points of user friction with frustration signals like rage clicks or error clicks

Collect custom user and performance data

  • Enrich user sessions across your applications with attributes like user ID, email, and name
  • Capture unique business-critical user actions such as checkout button clicks, taps, and more
  • Ingest custom metrics that are specific to your business and correlate them with real-time performance data
Collect custom user and performance data

Triage and resolve issues with an end-to-end view of the user experience

  • Proactively simulate user journeys with Synthetic Browser Tests and correlate results with real-time user experiences
  • Pivot from RUM data to backend request traces and logs for complete context when troubleshooting issues
  • Unify full-stack monitoring in a single platform for frontend and backend development teams

Customer Testimonials

Datadog RUM gives our teams visibility into every step of the customer journey on our E-commerce platform, from adding items to a basket to completing the checkout process. RUM also enables us to quickly identify frontend issues, pinpoint impacted customers, and resolve errors so we can deliver a better user experience.

Tom Hayman

Tom Hayman

Head of Platform Engineering, Dunelm

CustOps changed their resolution workflow with Datadog RUM. We first assess where the error is coming from using RUM dashboards. If users from a single office see slowdowns—but there are no errors on Apixio's backend—we notify the customer IT department that the issues stem from their side, without escalating to the Engineering or DevOps teams.

Alex Aitken

Alex Aitken

Director of SRE and DevOps, Apixio



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Real User Monitoring


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