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Monitoring Consolidation

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Collaborate around a single source of truth

In many organizations, technical teams operate their own separate systems to monitor the services or infrastructure they manage. Without a single source of truth, organizations are then unable to track the interactions between separate components, or to effectively troubleshoot issues that involve multiple teams and their interdependent services. Datadog brings together all the performance data for an entire organization, so teams can visualize the connections between services and components, collaborate with real-time data, and quickly identify the source of performance issues.

The single most exciting part about Datadog is that we can have a single pane of glass, with everything that we need as far as serverless, logs, metrics, and third-party integrations, that all come together so we can quickly find out if there are any issues in our stack. It's phenomenal—I don't need to go into two or three different applications to see what's going on here or there, and try to correlate. Everything is in Datadog, right there.

Reza Javidi
Director of DevOps and SRE, Openfit

Establish an organization-wide monitoring standard

Datadog brings together every team's data in the same highly customizable monitoring platform, regardless of technology stack, geographical location, or team function. With more than 650 vendor-supported integrations and simple instrumentation for custom applications and business logic, Datadog enables teams to start collecting data from all their systems in minutes. Engineers across teams can collaborate and troubleshoot without friction, easily sharing live data or annotated graph snapshots over email, Slack, and other communication tools. For greater control, organizations can deploy sub-accounts for individual divisions or departments, with a centralized IT or support team managing federated alerting and dashboarding across the company.

Monitor application performance, infrastructure, logs, and user experience in one platform

Engineering organizations have traditionally relied on separate systems to monitor their website frontends, backend application code, logs, and underlying IT infrastructure. This reliance on point-solution tools makes it more difficult to correlate between systems and pinpoint the source of any user-facing issues. Datadog provides a single platform for collecting and analyzing logs, infrastructure metrics, application performance data, synthetic tests of frontend functionality, and more. Datadog automatically correlates all this data, so engineers can pivot seamlessly from performance metrics to distributed traces to logs to find the source of an issue.

Map dependencies and application architecture across teams

In the Datadog service map and network map, developers can visualize data flow between services and infrastructure components to build a complete understanding of an application's overall architecture and dependencies. That foundation allows teams to see exactly how their part of the application fits into the bigger picture, so they can proactively prevent any changes that would cause performance problems in downstream systems.

Understand dependencies and view application architecture with service and network maps.