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Unify teams, tools, and technologies Unify teams, tools, and technologies

Tool Consolidation

Unify teams, tools, and technologies

Learn how complex organizations are collaborating around a single source of truth to reduce costs, maximize uptime, and ship code faster


Harvard Medical School

Tool sprawl

DevOps teams today use an average of 12+ monitoring tools to collect and analyze the trillions of data points across modern hybrid and cloud environments. Tool sprawl of this scale can take a toll on your entire organization.

Slower time to market

Data silos and limited system visibility burden teams with constant context switching and leave issues unresolved, slowing the pace of innovation.

Poor customer experience

Disconnected observability tools fragment visibility, and are less scalable and reliable, impacting uptime, delivery consistency and performance.

Unpredictable spending

High and hidden costs of managing disconnected and open source tools can quickly add up. This can lead to unforeseen operating expenses.

Customer spotlight


Zakir Mohammed
Lead of Digital Automation Engineering
Toyota Motor North America

“It's not just about what Datadog can do; it’s also about how Datadog is helping us integrate and monitor multiple services. That was a big factor in choosing Datadog.”


Kishore Jonnalagedda
Director of Engineering, 
Toyota Motor North America

About Toyota

Toyota Motor North America works to create high-quality vehicles and find innovative ways to advance society with cutting-edge automotive technology.

Key Results

↓ 96% MTTD

from about 6 hours to 15 minutes on

20X Faster

developer onboarding in 3-4 days
instead of months

Why consolidate?

Accelerate time to market

Speed up issue resolution and enable better resource allocation to release more features faster.

Improve application uptime

Maximize customer experiences by ensuring your applications are reliable, performant, and secure.

Boost efficiency with AIOps

Establish performance benchmarks across your IT environment and use AIOps to find anomalies.

Lower operating overhead

Control spending, including licensing and hosting costs to optimize resource allocation and efficiency.

Platform advantage

Unify technology, process, and people

Datadog’s modern observability and security platform brings your tools, technologies, telemetry, and teams together around a single source of truth, enabling a culture of collaboration and resource efficiency for improved service levels and customer experience, cost savings, and faster time to market.


See inside any stack, any app, at any scale, anywhere

With market-leading offerings, unparalleled ecosystem of integrations, and AI-powered technology your teams can ingest, visualize, and troubleshoot across more types of telemetry data than any other vendor on the market—from any source in your stack, all in one unified platform.


Future-proof modernization with continuous innovation

The Datadog platform is constantly growing to help you solve bigger and modern problems with meaningful tooling that gives you full control over your observability data, complete visibility into your AI ecosystem, and end-to-end security for all.


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