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Monitoring for SAP systems

Get real-time insights into the critical systems running your SAP deployments

Organizations rely on SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) capabilities across finance, HR, procurement, supply chain, and other functions, which require 24/7 functionality and security. With Datadog, customers can monitor critical systems supporting their SAP estate—including SAP HANA databases and infrastructure resources—to maximize uptime and minimize risk. By working with Datadog partner Agentil, customers can monitor SAP HANA, S/4HANA, Netweaver, and Business Objects. They can also work with Datadog partner RapDev to monitor SAP Max Database.

SAP BusinessObjects global overview

Proactively monitor IT resources before emerging issues lead to end-user outages

Datadog comes with Watchdog, a built-in intelligence layer that analyzes IT systems data, establishes performance benchmarks, and surfaces concerning patterns and trends to investigate. With this kind of proactive, ML-enabled monitoring, Datadog customers can discover issues across their SAP estate before major outages or security breaches occur. They can also automate incident responses to specific alerts and security signals, resulting in faster response times and better mitigation of known performance risks.

Set up SAP monitoring in minutes through the Datadog Marketplace

Datadog comes with 700+ built-in service integrations (with more being evaluated and added every year); no additional setup is required. Customers can learn about and access them through the Datadog Marketplace. With just a few clicks, out-of-the-box monitors and dashboards will populate in Datadog. This means IT teams have access to health, performance, and security data from their SAP estate in minutes. Datadog Marketplace offerings are pre-vetted by trusted Datadog Technology Partners, who deliver solutions to large organizations with complex IT infrastructures.

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