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Stay competitive in a fast-moving market

Successful technology companies rely on adapting quickly to maintain their competitive edge in a fast-moving market. As these companies scale to meet demand, they often adopt novel technologies, usually including cloud and container infrastructure to support their dynamic environments. These advanced systems, however, introduce new levels of complexity that can lead to operational challenges and unforeseen performance issues. Datadog automatically scales alongside cloud and containerized environments with purpose-built capabilities to cut through the complexity of these systems. These capabilities ultimately enable technology companies to nimbly and rapidly adjust their applications and go-to-market strategies as they constantly find an edge in a competitive market.

The benefit that Datadog brings to our business, and would bring to anybody's business, is that you immediately understand if you are deploying assets the right way. Not only can you see if something's going wrong, you can see if the solutions that you are implementing are doing what you expected them to do.

Daniel Rieder
Senior Manager, Capacity and Performance, Zendesk

Understand complex systems at all levels

From online services to hardware, technology companies need to be able to quickly resolve issues with their products in order to retain quality and instill confidence in their customers. Companies often rely on disconnected systems to monitor their applications. This creates blind spots as teams are not able to easily visualize the interdependent services within their infrastructure. With support for 600+ integrations, Datadog connects data from an organization’s entire infrastructure and allows for it be compared, correlated, and jointly analyzed. Teams can use this capability to quickly identify which layer is affected by an outage or performance incident. For instance, engineers can pivot from a frontend single point of failure captured by a Synthetics browser test to the backend processes and resources that were involved with Datadog APM, all in the same screen. This analysis of multiple data sources in one pane of glass allows for organizations to troubleshoot issues in seconds or minutes, compared to hours or days.

Ship products and services to customers faster

Information silos are a common by-product of growing technology companies, especially as their operations become more complex. Teams are often forced to work with gaps in knowledge and rely on their own experts for monitoring the services they manage. This makes it more difficult to build shared understanding across all teams involved in shipping new features, and ultimately slows down release cycles. Datadog's unified platform enables technology companies to focus on building and shipping features, instead of dedicating time to filling in knowledge gaps. Operational visibility is no longer limited to one or two in-house monitoring experts, as all teams can view and share the same real-time data in Datadog. With customizable dashboards, robust analytics tools, and collaboration features such as graph annotations, teams can support their agile release cycles and ship products to their customers faster.

Link together business metrics and technical data

Datadog gives technology companies powerful insights for making data-driven decisions and accomplishing specific goals for improving their products:

  • DevOps teams can correlate business metrics with infrastructure metrics and real user monitoring (RUM) to troubleshoot application issues and improve user experience.
  • Support teams can build their own dashboards with the same data that engineers use, enabling them to help customers resolve Tier-1 issues directly and reserve escalations for more complex problems.
  • Development teams can leverage Synthetics to proactively test their critical, revenue-generating applications and alert on latency and errors.
  • Teams interested in organization-specific trends can combine custom metrics with Datadog's machine learning monitors to detect significant changes in important KPIs like the total number of transactions or signups.
This granular visibility enables companies to meet SLOs and easily share their status with stakeholders, giving them a better understanding of system uptimes. And with Datadog's powerful dashboard features, every team can view this data in one place.

Tie business metrics to infrastructure and app performance metrics with customizable dashboards.

A commitment to immediate support for emerging technologies

Datadog is committed to offering rapid support for the new products and tools that companies need to stay competitive in their markets. Datadog already has robust support for emerging technologies such as service meshes, serverless computing, microservices and containers, and IoT devices, with open source integrations for a large number of new projects. And as a long-time launch partner for platforms such as AWS, Google, Azure, and Alibaba Cloud, Datadog helps technology companies instantaneously monitor any services deployed on leading-edge products.