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Cloud Cost Management

Cloud Cost Management

Take ownership of your cloud costs with spend data within your unified observability platform.

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Datadog Cloud Cost Management delivers cost data where engineers work and with resource-level context like CPU, memory, and requests — easily scoped to their services and applications — so that they can take action and spend effectively.

Get clarity on your cloud bill

  • Instantly allocate your cloud costs across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud by product, service, and team, with out-of-the-box and user-defined tags
  • Identify the biggest cost changes and use powerful queries to drill down to resource-level spend
  • Make cost decisions with confidence with built-in cost-validation that ensures high data accuracy

Unlock container and Kubernetes cost allocation

Available with: Container Monitoring in AWS, GCP, and Azure

  • Eliminate container cost uncertainty by seamlessly breaking out costs by cluster, namespace, or pod
  • Understand the true, total cost of applications and services running in shared infrastructure
  • Optimize your environment by identifying clusters with high idle costs
Break out the cost of your containers or Kubernetes

Empower engineers to take action

  • Enable teams to visualize costs scoped to their services and applications within the same observability platform they’re already using
  • Cut through the noise with customizable cost and performance monitors to rapidly respond to unexpected cost changes
  • Break down silos between FinOps and engineering teams by collaborating on cost data inside of Datadog’s dashboards and Notebooks
Get alerted on Cost changes and quickly react to new information

Eliminate wasteful spend with a unified platform

Available with: Infrastructure Monitoring, APM

  • Optimize for performance and cost by having full visibility into infrastructure and application telemetry alongside cost data
  • Easily reduce unnecessary compute, storage or data transfer costs by combining cost data with performance metrics
  • Build service-specific unit economics through custom metrics and app-level data to understand baseline activity and detect inefficiencies
Unify cost and performance data to easily identify waste

Customer Testimonials

Best practices are important, but there’s no substitution for real measurement and cost optimization. Datadog Cloud Cost Management helped us attribute spend at a granular level over dozens of accounts to achieve significant savings.

Martin Amps

Martin Amps

Stitch Fix

It’s not about tradeoffs between cost and performance: cost is a need, just as important as scalability and security. Cloud Cost Management has empowered each engineer in our organization to understand this and act on cost data in the same way they would on performance, to maintain efficiency as we scale.

Tim Ewald

Tim Ewald

CTO at Kevel



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Gain visibility and control of your cloud spend with Datadog Cloud Cost Management


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Understand your Kubernetes and ECS spend with Datadog Cloud Cost Management
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