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Dynamic Instrumentation

Dynamic Instrumentation

Instantly generate application logs, spans, metrics, and span tags in Datadog—without changing code

Datadog Dynamic Instrumentation enables you to capture application telemetry at runtime and swiftly troubleshoot production issues without making code changes or restarts. By utilizing Dynamic Logs, you can easily capture method parameters and local variables; Dynamic Metrics enables you to analyze method usage and impact; and Dynamic Spans and Span tags offer additional granularity and context to your APM traces.

Debug application issues by adding log lines without redeployment

  • Get granular insights into application behavior and service interactions while debugging by adding log statements without redeploying code
  • Instrument stack traces from within Datadog APM to collect detailed runtime context, including method parameters and local variables, in order to expedite resolution of issues as they occur
  • Capture essential log information needed for the required level of detail and duration, while minimizing overhead and noise using conditional probes
Use Dynamic Logs to capture the runtime context of your services without redeploying

Modify and enrich distributed traces for deeper analysis without changing code

  • Increase the resolution of your APM traces at runtime by adding spans as needed, without affecting your original instrumentation
  • Add spans to troubleshoot slow requests and specific operations in your application without leaving the Datadog platform
  • Attach request metadata as tags to your spans on the fly in order to filter, and group user request data and create custom dashboards
Modify APM traces for deeper analysis and custom data gathering using Dynamic Spans and Span Tags

Generate key metrics associated with your live code whenever needed

  • Analyze the real-world Impact of any method by using counts and histograms to visualize how frequently it has been executed over time
  • Create metrics the fly that measure the time any method in your code is consuming in production, and use metric expressions to focus on specific requests
  • Capture a specific parameter value or performance metric for any specific method or block of code to measure the performance of your system
Generate key metrics associated with your live code whenever needed with Dynamic Metrics



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Dynamic Instrumentation



Use Datadog Dynamic Instrumentation to add application logs without redeploying



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