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Ensure top-notch customer experience

Maintain user-facing performance across global platforms

Modern financial services firms must deliver a reliable, secure, exceptional customer experience across web properties and mobile applications. To ensure the performance of customer-facing systems, firms need insight into a variety of applications and platforms that are supported by legacy systems as well as cutting-edge cloud infrastructure. Datadog provides comprehensive visibility into application performance, legacy and cloud infrastructure, and customer experience in one platform.

Since we’ve brought Datadog on board, we’ve reduced our Mean Time to Acknowledgment of incidents to just under 3 minutes, and we’ve reduced our Mean Time to Resolution of infrastructure incidents to just under 10 minutes.

Paul Whyte
DevOps Engineering Manager, Funding Circle

Understand customers’ digital experience

With potentially millions of customers accessing banking websites and mobile apps from multiple devices, financial services firms generate a seemingly unmanageable volume of data about the customer experience. Datadog allows financial services companies to monitor application performance and customer experience globally, across tens of millions of customers, and immediately drill down to the experience of a single user. Granular data about any customer-facing issues can be automatically communicated to customer support teams in real time or fed into ticketing systems for prioritization and tracking.

Easily drill down to get granular data about customer-facing issues.

Accelerate DevOps initiatives, cloud migrations, and other modernization efforts

With more than 600 vendor-supported integrations and accompanying out-of-the-box dashboards, Datadog supports legacy application stacks and offers turn-key support for nearly any new technology that is being adopted. Sophisticated visualizations like the service map and host map enable developers to fully understand the architecture and resource usage of any application, so they can make data-driven architectural decisions as they modernize or migrate to the cloud. These foundational insights help financial services firms ensure that modernization projects stay on or ahead of schedule.

Understand the architecture and resource usage of any application with the service map.

Break down silos with a shared source of truth

Datadog enables cross-team visibility and collaboration by bringing all the data about application performance and customer experience into one platform. Dispersed teams working on separate products can share KPIs and the status of their SLOs on company-wide dashboards. All teams can view and share real-time data over email, Slack, and other collaboration tools, regardless of their geographical location, business function, or technology stack.

Easily share data and collaborate across different teams with real-time dashboards.