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Financial Services

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Ensure great customer experience

Manage the performance of digital properties at global scale

As financial services firms undergo digital transformation, efforts to ensure a reliable, secure, and overall great customer experience must extend to websites and mobile applications. Yet ensuring that digital properties are consistently delivering service as expected is challenging. The same technologies that allow for instant scalability, immediate global coverage, and improved agility also make web platforms vastly more complex and prone to unforeseen issues. Furthermore, many financial firms need to marry operations from legacy applications together with cutting-edge infrastructure to deliver data to their customers, creating additional layers of intricacy for modernization initiatives.

Financial services firms that use Datadog are able to gain control over their customers’ digital experience, as well as their own digital transformation. Datadog provides visibility and analytics into application performance, infrastructure metrics, and customer interactions. At the same time, Datadog offers built-in support for legacy and modern technologies and development processes, allowing for rapid adoption of new initiatives. These capabilities allow financial firms to quickly find and remediate issues and to stay on or ahead of schedule in their digital transformation.

“Since we’ve brought Datadog on board, we’ve reduced our Mean Time to Acknowledgment of incidents to just under 3 minutes, and we’ve reduced our Mean Time to Resolution of infrastructure incidents to just under 10 minutes.”
– Paul Whyte, Engineering Manager - DevOps, Funding Circle


Understand customers’ digital experience

Financial services firms typically have thousands to millions of customers logging into websites and mobile apps at any time, generating an unfathomably large data set to continuously oversee. Datadog allows financial services companies to track each individual customer’s web sessions, even at the scale of hundreds of millions of customers. Engineers can use Datadog's robust dashboarding and alerting features to pinpoint any individuals who are experiencing subpar performance or other issues in real time. This granular data can then be automatically communicated to customer support teams and easily traced back to the underlying source of an issue with just a few clicks.


Accelerate DevOps initiatives, cloud migrations, and other modernization efforts

Financial services firms undertaking modernization initiatives often run into unforeseen difficulties that slow down progress. These can span from knowledge gaps to missing support tooling for new technologies or processes. Datadog offers a number of capabilities to ensure that modernization projects stay on or ahead of schedule. With more than 350 vendor-supported integrations and accompanying out-of-the-box dashboards, Datadog not only supports legacy applications but also offers turn-key support for nearly any new technology that is being implemented. Furthermore, Datadog offers built-in workflow support connected to these tooling integrations, which streamlines the adoption of DevOps and agile process changes.

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