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Mobile App Testing

Mobile App Testing

Ship high-quality mobile applications that deliver the best user experience.

Datadog Mobile App Testing enables anyone to create synthetic mobile tests that automatically validate key user flows. Simplify test creation with a no-code web recorder and ensure full test coverage across a variety of real devices. Proactively resolve issues and troubleshoot with real-time user insights to optimize releases and deliver an enhanced user experience.

Proactively monitor end-to-end user flows with mobile tests

  • Easily create tests with customized assertions using our fully hosted no-code web recorder
  • Reduce false alarms and alert fatigue with automatic detection of UI changes and test updates
  • Visualize user flows with step-by-step screenshots and Session Replay, and add key context with relevant network and performance metrics

Gain full coverage with tests that monitor all your key interfaces

  • Mobile App Testing: Test across a fleet of real mobile devices in the cloud for optimal performance, with full test coverage across the latest devices and operating systems (iOS and Android)
  • Browser Testing: Validate core user flows with browser tests to mitigate inconsistencies across browser and mobile applications and ensure a seamless user experience
  • API Testing: Authenticate all layers of your systems (HTTP, gRPC, SSL, DNS, WebSocket, TCP, UDP, and ICMP) with single or multi-step API tests from global managed and private locations

Reduce mean time to resolution with end-to-end visibility

  • Confidently release and ship features with full end-to-end mobile observability and monitoring
  • Easily troubleshoot failed tests – without switching between tools – through correlated metrics, error tracking, session replay, crash reports and more powered by Datadog Real User Monitoring
  • View your traces, logs and resources all within one unified platform powered by Datadog Application Performance Monitoring
Implement real-time user insights for better troubleshooting

One suite for all your testing needs

  • Incorporate end-to-end tests into your CI pipelines for early issue detection, prevention, and remediation
  • Use our integrations with popular CI providers (GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, CircleCI, Azure DevOps) and collaboration tools (Slack, Jira) to merge workflows and avoid context switching
  • Streamline collaboration by eliminating the need for teams to maintain separate testing scenarios, helping improve efficiency, release velocity, and business agility
One suite for all your testing needs
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