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Improve real-time collaboration
across all apps with an interactive
screen-sharing tool designed
specifically for engineers.

Improve real-time collaboration across all apps with an interactive screen-sharing tool designed specifically for engineers.

Customer Testimonials

I've been pushing the use of CoScreen as a replacement for Zoom in situations where I want to share a window with the people I'm working with. Using CoScreen is a much more natural experience and it feels like it should be built-in to every OS.
Joël Franusic

Joël Franusic

Principal Developer Advocate - Okta

CoScreen enables seamless collaboration and exchange of information in a way you only grasp once you've tried it. Definitely a game-changer. We use it all the time.
Anthony Marchante

Anthony Marchante

Senior Platform Engineer - Ripple

Before CoScreen, it would take 1-2 days to set up an environment, even for Sr. engineers. But with CoScreen we cut it down to 2 hours!
Juho Rautioaho

Juho Rautioaho

Software Architect - Codemate

CoScreen by Datadog makes it easy for distributed engineering teams to pair-program and investigate, debug, and resolve issues together in real time.

Through high-resolution, near-zero-latency screen sharing and its ability to allow multi-user editing within any shared window, CoScreen gives developers a digital workspace to collaborate, connect, and communicate more effectively.

Eliminate friction in collaborative software development

  • Enable all participants at once to control any shared window, IDE, or developer tool
  • Easily collaborate in real time with the help of powerful live editing features—including annotation, drawing, and copy/paste functionality across shared windows
  • Give teammates a live view into each other’s environments and move beyond the constraints of asynchronous chat threads

Seamless, multi-user screen sharing

  • Easily share any window or application with a single click
  • Empower teammates to join forces by giving them the ability to share windows with each other at the same time—all in a single session
  • Enable users to securely share multiple windows at once while keeping their data and other windows private
Three shared screens labeled with names of users who are sharing
CoScreen button and pop-up within an incident in Datadog Incident Management

Resolve incidents faster

  • Troubleshoot and remediate issues remotely within the same unified environment
  • Quickly pivot from an incident in Datadog to a multi-user collaboration session to further analyze and fix issues together
  • Reduce mean time to resolve (MTTR) by enabling DevOps engineers to instantly share any context with teammates



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