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Real-Time Business Intelligence

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Instrument and analyze business metrics from within the application

Despite investments in business intelligence tooling, most organizations still cannot accurately track the business occurring on their platforms. This results from their inability to instrument at the transaction level within an application. Datadog enables organizations to instrument and analyze application-level business activity by collecting metrics such as purchases processed, traveler check-ins, or ad impressions.

With Datadog, organizations can correlate these business metrics with infrastructure metrics to identify and troubleshoot application performance issues that threaten the health of the business. Furthermore, comprehensive visibility into business data and the IT stack provides companies with insight into the revenue processed through their web applications and how user experience contributes to business results.

We have our customer success engineers, our VP of Finance, our CEO, all using Datadog as a visualization tool for just how close we are to accomplishing some important goal as a company. Be it orders going through our system, or users signing up for accounts, it really helps bring together an entire company behind a goal that we have, and visualize progress toward it.

Greg Shackles
VP of Technology, Olo

Collect application-based business metrics from across the stack

Datadog provides visibility into real-time business data, whether it originates from backend application code, user actions in the browser, or third-party systems. Real-user monitoring (RUM) enables organizations to monitor the frequency of user actions such as clicking a “play” button or adding an item to a shopping cart. Organizations can then start collecting valuable metrics from backend applications, such as abandoned carts, revenue generated per campaign, or inventory remaining. Business-critical metrics and events from any third-party systems can be collected and analyzed as well, using Datadog's data-ingestion APIs and 750+ vendor-backed integrations. All metrics are retained for 15 months at full granularity to enable detailed historical analysis. Importantly, because Datadog is a fully hosted platform, companies can collect, analyze, and visualize business metrics within seconds without the burden of operating, securing, and backing up a separate, proprietary data store.

Visualize application-based metrics in real-time with easy configurable dashboards.

Correlate business and IT data to pinpoint root causes

Business metrics in Datadog provide transaction-level insight, revealing issues that threaten revenue or customer satisfaction. Customer-impacting problems may stem from the application itself or from the underlying IT infrastructure, so engineers need data from all the systems that support business transactions in order to troubleshoot effectively. Datadog provides business metrics, application performance monitoring, infrastructure metrics, real user monitoring, and more in one tightly integrated platform. Regardless of the source, Datadog unifies all this data by applying a common tagging structure, enabling engineers to pivot seamlessly between correlated data to resolve business-impacting issues as quickly as possible.

Pinpoint root cause issues with correlated business and IT data, all within a single pane of glass.

Share business KPIs with stakeholders in real time

Datadog helps organizations share data to break down silos between development, operations, customer support, and other teams. Teams can use granular business-level metrics to compute KPIs, and share them with executives or other stakeholders via read-only dashboards. For visibility across disparate business units, Datadog allows for federation of accounts controlled by a single parent account. This enables a centralized IT department or business-analytics team to monitor and aggregate data from all child accounts for reporting purposes or building overview dashboards that track progress toward business goals.

Datadog provides an at-a-glance view into your critical business metrics with shareable dashboards.

Real-time alerts avoid lengthy batch analysis delays

In business intelligence tools, user activity data is often processed in batches and made available for analysis hours or days after the fact. As a result, revenue-impacting issues often go undetected until customers complain or financial reports show an unexpected downturn. Datadog evaluates business data in real time to alert responders immediately to any issues. Users can precisely identify business-impacting events with composite alerts that trigger only when a specific set of conditions are met. To provide deep visibility into complex business operations, Datadog's built-in machine learning algorithms automatically detect anomalies in usage patterns, correlations between business metrics and underlying infrastructure systems, and looming issues that might impact revenue-generating applications.

Datadog’s machine learning alerts catch critical revenue-impacting issues earlier.