Synthetic Monitoring - API and Browser Testing | Datadog

Simplified Synthetic Monitoring

End-to-end visibility across the stack in a single platform

Proactively monitor your endpoints with API Tests

Alert on the global performance and availability of your endpoints.

  • Validate all the layers of your systems (HTTP, SSL, TCP, and DNS) from several locations
  • Breakdown of network timing for faster root cause analysis
  • Out-of-the-box integration with APM, infrastructure, and logs

Monitor critical transactions with our code-free, web recorder

Fully hosted, automated tests ensure that important user journeys are preserved.

  • Waterfall visualization of each step with screenshots of end-user view
  • Powerful validations with use of flexible assertions, subtests and variables
  • Intelligently re-identify elements, even after the UI changes, to reduce alert fatigue from broken tests
Monitor critical user journeys and transactions in real-time

Shift testing to the left through CI/CD testing automation

Create a safety net of your applications by only letting viable code progress throughout your CI/CD pipelines.

  • Incorporate Synthetic tests in your CI pipelines for early issue detection and remediation
  • Evaluate state of production after each deployment to identify regressions and automate rollbacks
  • Minimize downtime for your users and ensure collaboration by eliminating the need for separate testing scenarios managed by disparate teams

Monitor any environment from your own secured private locations

Gain visibility into internal and external apps from inside your network

  • Easily deploy and scale with our integrations with Docker, Kubernetes, and more
  • Create custom locations in areas that are mission-critical to your business
  • Compare application performance as experienced by users from both inside & outside the internal network

Full-Stack Visibility

Reduce mean time to resolution with unified visibility across your stack.

  • See metrics, traces, and logs in the context of your test runs without having to switch between various platforms
  • Visualize uptime data alongside key business metrics
  • Monitor and maintain your SLAs with full stack observability
Easily correlate metrics, traces and logs during test runs