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Synthetic Monitoring, Simplified

Synthetic Monitoring, Simplified

Achieve reliable user experiences with proactive monitoring.

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Datadog Synthetic Monitoring is a proactive monitoring solution that enables you to create code-free API, browser, and mobile tests to automatically simulate user flows and requests to your applications, key endpoints, and network layers. Quickly detect user-facing issues and jump-start system-wide investigations so you can optimize performance and achieve reliable user experiences.


Datadog has been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability

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Proactively monitor end-to-end user flows with browser tests

  • Easily create tests with customized assertions using our fully hosted codeless web recorder
  • Reduce false alarms and alert fatigue with automatic detection of UI changes and updating of tests
  • Visualize user flows with step-by-step screenshots and Session Replay, and add key context with relevant network and performance metrics

Track endpoint health and performance with API tests

  • Validate all layers of your systems (HTTP, gRPC, SSL, DNS, WebSocket, TCP, UDP, and ICMP) from global managed and private locations
  • View a breakdown of network timing data for faster root cause analysis
  • Verify key user flows at the API level by chaining API requests together in multistep tests
View a Datadog API test result and view detailed metrics to understand global performance.

Gain actionable insights into your testing strategy

  • Assess your overall HTTP testing coverage with the Datadog API Catalog and quickly create API tests for any untested endpoints with a single click
  • Identify the most used untested web actions based on real user interactions and create relevant tests to eliminate gaps in your browser testing coverage
  • Increase testing efficiency and comprehensiveness with AI-Generated Synthetics, which intelligently identifies business-critical flows and creates the right tests for you in seconds through an intuitive chat UI
Incorporate Synthetic tests in your CI pipelines for early issue detection and remediation.

One suite for all testing needs

  • Incorporate end-to-end tests into your CI pipelines for early issue detection, prevention, and remediation for web and mobile applications
  • Use our integrations with popular CI providers (GitHub, GitLab, Jenkins, CircleCI, Azure DevOps) and collaboration tools (Slack, Jira) to merge workflows and avoid context-switching
  • Streamline collaboration by eliminating the need for teams to maintain separate testing scenarios, helping improve efficiency, release velocity, and business agility
Increase efficiency through seamless integrations

Reduce mean time to resolution with full-stack visibility

  • Gain the full context for troubleshooting failed tests—without switching between tools—through correlated metrics, traces, logs, and session replays surfaced by Datadog APM and RUM integration
  • Visualize application uptime and performance data alongside key business metrics, helping you track your SLAs and SLOs
  • Gain deep visibility into your internet stack—including CDNs, SaaS APIs, cloud providers, and networks—to pinpoint issues and eliminate unnecessary troubleshooting cycles
Results from a browser test correlated with backend data: trace, metrics, logs, and more.

Customer Testimonials

Adding Datadog synthetic browser tests to our CI pipelines was a big game changer for us. Developers are no longer avoiding production changes. They're now deploying with confidence.

Viljami Kuosmanen

Viljami Kuosmanen

Head of Engineering,



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