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Modern Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Modern Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Observe, troubleshoot, and improve cloud-scale applications with all telemetry in context.

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Datadog Application Performance Monitoring (APM) provides AI-powered code-level distributed tracing from browser and mobile applications to backend services and databases. By seamlessly correlating traces with logs, metrics, real user monitoring (RUM) data, security signals, and other telemetry, Datadog APM enables you to detect and resolve root causes faster, optimize application performance and resource consumption, and collaborate more effectively so that your end users get the best possible experience.


Datadog has been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for APM and Observability

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Pinpoint the source of issues with code-level distributed tracing

  • Identify root causes quickly by correlating traces with logs, infrastructure metrics, database queries, network calls, and frontend telemetry—all in one view
  • Improve code performance with visibility into the execution time and resource consumption of every method and code line
  • Resolve active incidents faster with live access to all traces over the last 15 minutes
  • Track and alert on business-specific KPIs by creating dashboards, monitors, and SLOs from span-based metrics using any tag
An end-to-end distributed trace that it automatically correlated to all relevant telemetry including execution time and resource consumption of every method and code line

Improve service performance with all telemetry in context

  • Detect the source of service issues rapidly with a centralized view of health metrics and dependencies alongside telemetry from your infrastructure and databases
  • Proactively improve application reliability by setting up SLOs, monitors, and synthetic tests via the Datadog UI, Terraform provider, and APIs
  • Remediate incidents efficiently with quick access to service owners, on-call engineers, runbooks, and more in Service Catalog
  • Secure your cloud applications by identifying threats and code vulnerabilities that are live in production so you can mitigate them before they become breaches

Track every deployment automatically and ship with confidence

  • Adopt canary, blue-green, or any other deployment strategy by tracking performance changes before, during, and after the release
  • Quickly determine if a release is causing high error rates or latency by automatically aggregating health metrics by code version
  • Resolve performance degradations by comparing the impact of recent versions on infrastructure and code performance
  • Prioritize new and ongoing issues with Error Tracking, which automatically groups errors into a manageable set of issues

Resolve incidents faster with Watchdog AI

  • Improve MTTR with automated root cause analysis and minimize the impact on affected services, users, and views
  • Reduce MTTD with automatic and customizable ML-based alerts to detect anomalies and outliers and predict future changes in performance metrics
  • Accelerate investigations with error and latency outliers, which are surfaced at query time to help you find the signal in the noise
  • Minimize downtime and negative impact on end users with automatic faulty deployment detection
Watchdog automated Root Cause Analysis surfaces a faulty deployment and the reason for critical failures that impacted multiple services, views, and users

Ingest data from any source with Datadog and OpenTelemetry

  • Expedite time to observability by setting up distributed tracing directly via the Datadog Agent—without code changes or restarts
  • Auto-instrument your services and serverless functions with Datadog’s open source tracing libraries and extensions for AWS Lambda and Azure App Service
  • Ingest both Datadog and OpenTelemetry data with the same Datadog Agent for full-stack application performance monitoring
  • Submit traces, metrics, and logs from the Datadog Exporter in the OpenTelemetry Collector
Datadog APM supports multiple setup options including Datadog components, OpenTelemetry components, or a combination thereof

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