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Product Analytics

Product Analytics

Prioritize product development decisions with quantitative insights into user experiences and behavior

Datadog Product Analytics provides engineering leaders, product owners, and product managers a complete picture of product, user, and performance data across their applications. Drive up monthly active users (MAU), conversions, or average order value by prioritizing product development decisions based on quantifiable metrics. Bring insights to life by seeing every swipe, scroll, and click with an exact reproduction of what users went through.


Optimize user experience and troubleshoot faster

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Confidently prioritize product development decisions

  • Measure the impact of every feature change, from user frustrations to backend bottlenecks, in a single platform
  • Optimize user journeys with sankeys, funnels, and conversion analysis
  • Identify the golden paths to increase feature adoption and user conversion
Confidently prioritize product development decisions

Capture real user behavior and visualize complete journeys

  • See every swipe, scroll, and click with exact reproductions of user experiences
  • Identify high- and under-performing content with heatmaps, powered by Session Replay
  • Improve user retention by tracking engagement trends through cohort analysis

Intuitive, easy-to-use analytics with deep product visibility

  • Seamlessly pivot from a streamlined UI for product analytics to a powerful, full-stack observability platform
  • Correlate frustration signals and engagement metrics directly alongside core web vitals and mobile performance
  • Reduce engineering maintenance and lower performance overhead on browsers and mobile apps with a single SDK for RUM and Product Analytics
Confidently prioritize product development decisions



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Product Analytics


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