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Datadog provides retailers with deep visibility into the health of IT infrastructure and customer interactions with their digital storefronts. Comprehensive monitoring of infrastructure, customer-facing applications, and user experience enables retailers to accelerate digital transformations, deliver superior customer experiences, and rapidly resolve performance problems.

Datadog allows us to know when there is an issue with a particular segment of the website, how our customers might be affected, and how that might affect conversion rates—which affects our bottom line.

Nick Vecellio
Senior Manager of Monitoring Engineering, Wayfair

Understand the digital buying experience

Identifying slow-loading pages and site functionality errors requires deep insight into frontend and backend application code, which neither business intelligence tools nor web-traffic analytics services can provide. Datadog traces web store interactions in real time, from end to end, to provide total visibility into the customer experience. Engineers can drill down to view an individual customer’s interactions with the site, or inspect aggregated performance metrics for precisely scoped groups of customers to compare the experience of different user tiers.

Drill down to view a customer’s interaction with your site to spot and resolve issues.

Ensure website reliability for seasonal promotions

With seasonal sales events such as Cyber Monday come the increased likelihood of revenue-eroding performance issues. Datadog eliminates blind spots via simple instrumentation libraries for web application code and 600+ built-in integrations with infrastructure technologies. With comprehensive visibility into their systems, engineers can run capacity planning analyses, historical comparisons, load tests, and game day exercises to prepare the site for a traffic surge. With historical data stored at full granularity for 15 months, and built-in machine learning algorithms to forecast demand, retailers gain visibility into past and future seasonal spikes.

Machine-learning alerts allow retailers to forecast demand and plan for future seasonal spikes.

Monitor in-store point-of-sale devices

As internet-enabled point-of-sale systems are deployed in retail locations, operations teams are increasingly responsible for in-store assets. Datadog enables retailers to monitor and maintain geographically dispersed fleets of IoT devices by bringing together data from device hardware alongside performance data from the software running on those devices. Comprehensive monitoring of e-commerce and in-store assets provides single-pane-of-glass visibility into all customer touchpoints.

Monitor e-commerce and in-store assets, all within a single pane of glass.