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On-Premises Monitoring

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Complete visibility into all layers of an on-premises environment

Organizations use several different types of resources to build on-premises infrastructures, including bare metal servers, virtual machines (VMs), and private clouds hosted on internal data centers. Datadog provides full visibility into every layer of an on-premise environment, regardless of where or how teams deploy their services. For example, organizations can leverage Datadog's IBM WebSphere and VMware vSphere integrations to monitor the performance of their virtualized enterprise applications. For organizations that rely on Unix systems, such as those powered by IBM’s AIX, Datadog offers a Unix-native Agent for capturing critical system metrics. Datadog also natively integrates with configuration management tools like Puppet, so teams can easily deploy their on-premises infrastructure as code and monitor changes to any resource. All of this ensures that vital metrics and logs are easily accessible in one place.

Optimize on-premises infrastructure, managed or self hosted

On-premises infrastructures often evolve to ensure organizations meet specific market requirements, such as those in industries with strict compliance standards. Datadog offers turn-key integrations to support developing on-premises infrastructure, including platforms like OpenStack and Oracle Cloud, which enable teams to create highly customizable environments and optimize their workloads. Datadog is also a launch partner for AWS services like Amazon ECS Anywhere and Amazon EKS Distro (EKS-D), which let teams modernize their infrastructure by deploying ECS tasks and Kubernetes clusters on in-house resources. These integrations help organizations seamlessly monitor their on-premises infrastructure as it evolves to meet business goals.

Monitor data pipelines and distributed database architectures from end to end

Hadoop clusters are common in on-premises environments for managing complex data pipelines and distributed database architectures. To ensure clusters are operating efficiently, engineers need the ability to monitor the status of every processing job. Datadog provides full visibility into data processing deployments, with integrations for systems like Hadoop and Spark. This enables teams to build custom dashboards to easily pinpoint long-running or inefficient processing jobs on Datadog's unified platform.

Aggregate and analyze data from complex network infrastructures

On-premises data centers often have a complex network of physical devices, making it more difficult to determine which network components are bottlenecks for users. Datadog’s Network Device Monitoring helps teams easily monitor the health and performance of their network alongside the rest of their stack from one centralized platform. Teams can leverage other device integrations like Cisco Meraki to collect and analyze event logs from all of their network devices alongside standard SNMP metrics.