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Gaming studios face a high bar for performance—even short connectivity blips or periods of elevated latency can cause players to sign off and publicly vent their frustrations. Datadog provides visibility and analytics into application performance and player interactions within a game, so gaming studios can proactively manage their players’ gameplay experience.

One thing that I really liked about moving to Datadog was the fact that we now had individual engineers who started to show interest in our observability data. So they would look at the dashboards, they would figure out what metrics were missing, they would go into the code, they would add those metrics, and then they would make sure that it was visible in the dashboard.

Johan Mjones
Senior Software Engineer, EA DICE

Ensure site reliability during game launches

High-profile events such as new game launches drive immense traffic spikes and frequently expose blind spots or scaling issues that manifest in user-facing performance problems. Datadog provides more than 600 out-of-the-box integrations, as well as simple instrumentation for custom game code to ensure that gaming platforms are fully observable before, during, and after launch. Engineering teams can use Datadog's robust dashboarding and alerting features to visualize infrastructure health and capacity, respond quickly to scaling issues or performance problems, and get real-time insight into player behavior.

Analyze in-game KPIs and business metrics

Datadog enables gaming studios to track how players are interacting with their games and engaging with the in-game marketplace. Code-level instrumentation captures in-game events like shopping cart additions and player session terminations, and Datadog APM provides deep visibility at the level of individual customers and transactions. In the App Analytics view, engineers can break down performance by game title, geographic region, operating system, or any other dimension to identify performance issues or errors in revenue-generating transactions.

Engineers can break down performance by game title, geography region, operation system, and more.

Unlock granular, player-centric performance insights at any scale

Even when systems are performing adequately for the majority of players, gamers can experience performance issues due to regional outages or bugs that affect specific subsets of users. Datadog allows engineers to analyze performance data around all players’ gaming experience in real time, thanks to its out-of-the-box integrations with streaming technologies like Kafka, Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose and Azure Event Hubs. With Datadog Log Management, extracting value from high volumes of streaming data is straightforward. Engineers can immediately pinpoint which players are having a subpar gaming experience and correlate granular performance data to identify and resolve the root cause.