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Ensure a great experience for every gamer

Deliver consistently responsive gameplay

Gaming studios face a high bar for gameplay performance—even short episodes of elevated latency can cause players to sign off and, often, vent their complaints on social media. Yet ensuring consistently responsive, stable gameplay is challenging. The same technologies that allow for instant scalability and improved agility also make web applications vastly more complex and prone to unforeseen issues.

Gaming studios that use Datadog are able to gain control over their players’ gameplay experience. Datadog provides visibility and analytics into application performance and player interactions within a game. These insights help to identify targets for gameplay improvement as well as to pinpoint frontend, backend, and third-party API issues.

“One thing that I really liked about moving from essentially nothing to Datadog, was the fact that we now had individual engineers who started to show interest in our observability data. So they would look at the dashboards, they would figure out what metrics were missing, they would go into the code, they would add those metrics, and then they would make sure that it was visible in the dashboard.”
– Johan Mjones, Senior Software Engineer, EA DICE

Ensure site reliability during game launches

Major traffic events such as new game launches are frequently accompanied by reputation-impacting performance issues. These problems typically stem from unpredictable traffic that overwhelms the web application, often in “blind spots” that are difficult to instrument. Datadog ensures that such issues are immediately visible across a game’s codebase and underlying infrastructure through more than 350 out-of-the-box integrations. Engineering teams can use Datadog's robust dashboarding and alerting features to get holistic, second-by-second awareness of player behavior and website infrastructure health as soon as a launch occurs.

Capture in-game marketplace selections and on-site business metrics

Gaming studios need insights into two major business drivers: how players are interacting with their games, and how they're engaging with the in-game marketplace. Yet collecting data from these on-site events requires deep visibility into a game platform’s code execution, which neither business intelligence solutions nor tooling like Google Analytics provides. Datadog's code-level instrumentation can capture website events like shopping cart additions and player session terminations. These metrics can be aggregated and then “sliced and diced” for analysis within Datadog, or sent to a third-party system such as an accounting solution.


Gain granular, player-centric performance insights

Although high-level performance measures may show “green” for a system’s health in aggregate, there may still be underlying variability that can cause a subset of gamers to experience performance degradation. Datadog allows engineers to pivot performance data around all players’ gaming experience in real time. With Datadog's dashboards and alerts, engineers can immediately pinpoint which players are experiencing a subpar gaming experience to take further action. This granular data can then be easily followed to the underlying source of an issue.

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