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Container Monitoring

Container Monitoring

Monitor and secure containerized environments.

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Datadog Container Monitoring provides real-time visibility into the health, performance, and security of containerized environments. With curated metrics, teams can detect and investigate issues in every layer of their clusters. They can also correlate metrics, traces, logs, network data, and security signals to get a unified view into their container-based microservices.

Automatically discover new containers and services

  • Detect when containers are created and destroyed to ensure full coverage of your dynamic infrastructure
  • Automatically discover services running on containers—no matter where they spin up—and start ingesting their metrics, traces, and logs
  • Get a detailed, real-time overview of each container’s health, resource consumption, and deployment status

Get end-to-end visibility across your containerized infrastructure

  • Surface critical information about every layer of your Kubernetes clusters with a multidimensional view of your workloads
  • Analyze the health of individual containers across pods, nodes, namespaces, and cloud providers
  • Seamlessly correlate metrics, logs, traces, and network data to troubleshoot performance issues quickly

Streamline the collection of cluster-level monitoring data

  • Use the Datadog Cluster Agent to collect cluster-level data while reducing load on the API server
  • Autoscale Kubernetes applications in response to real-time fluctuations in any metric’s value
  • Run endpoint checks against external services, such as managed databases and network devices
Autoscale Kubernetes pods to match the desired number of replicas

Monitor serverless containers in any cloud

  • Leverage Datadog’s turn-key integrations with AWS, Azure, and GCP to quickly start monitoring your serverless containers—no matter where they run
  • Isolate bottlenecks and troubleshoot performance problems with distributed tracing across any infrastructure component
  • Monitor important per-container metrics, such as resource usage and request and response error rates, on out-of-the-box dashboards for AWS Fargate and Google Cloud Run
The built-in dashboard for monitoring Fargate in Datadog shows graphs of memory, CPU, I/O, and network metrics.

Secure your cloud infrastructure

  • Automatically detect and prioritize container vulnerabilities based on potential business impact, deep observability context, and Datadog’s curated security research
  • Assess and enhance your security posture with continuous configuration checks across your containerized environments and microservices
  • Visualize your container resources and their associated security risks at a glance with a comprehensive resource inventory
  • Track and fulfill audit audit requirements with out-of-the-box support for over 15 compliance frameworks including PCI DSS, SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and CIS
Secure your cloud infrastructure

Get notified about anomalous and suspicious activity

  • Create and manage a comprehensive suite of monitors as part of the deployment process for Kubernetes applications
  • Automatically detect anomalous events, outliers, and errors with Watchdog’s machine learning-based insights
  • Identify threats in real time with out-of-the-box security rules that notify you of suspicious activity in your clusters
Detect and resolve anomalies in your Kubernetes clusters



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