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Modern Log Management & Analytics

Modern Log Management & Analytics

Process, search, and analyze your logs at any scale, on any budget.

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Datadog Log Management unifies logs, metrics, and traces in a single view, giving you rich context for analyzing log data. Whether you’re troubleshooting issues, optimizing performance, or investigating security threats, Logging without Limits™ provides a cost-effective, scalable approach to centralized log management, so you can get complete visibility across your stack.

Rapid troubleshooting and analytics with no querying language

  • Search, filter, and analyze logs on the fly—no complex query language required
  • Analyze logs with out-of-the-box interactive dashboards and drag-and-drop data visualizations
  • Jump start exploration with Log Patterns, which intelligently surfaces trends in log activity
  • Drill deeper with Pattern Inspector to understand at a glance the distribution of values within each pattern
  • For time sensitive issues, automatically identify Log Anomalies using Watchdog Insights

Process, enrich, and route all your logs from one control panel

  • Leverage out-of-the-box log processing pipelines for 200+ common technologies
  • Build consistent, structured datasets from your raw log data, no matter the source
  • Enrich ingested logs with custom reference data to add more context and make them more actionable
  • Centralize routing of processed logs to 3rd party destinations such as your data lake or SIEM vendor using Log Forwarding
Processing logs with out of the box pipeline templates

Logging without Limits™

  • Ingest, Live Tail, Live Search, flexibly store, and archive everything. Decide which logs are most useful to retain (and for how long); change your mind anytime
  • Generate metrics from all logs (regardless of whether they’re indexed) to track trends and KPIs
  • Rehydrate logs from your compressed log archives and access them in Datadog to support audits or investigations
  • Perform simple or complex log queries directly on Flex Logs in Datadog, including extended retention options
Logging without Limits™: value from every log

Flexibly store all logs at any retention and querying capacity

  • Leverage Flex Logs to adjust your retention and querying capacity independently, fulfilling even more use cases than standard retention
  • Meet your budget and users’ query needs while reducing the number of places logs need to be stored
  • Maximize full storage and investigation into any log type
  • Make both simple and complex queries on all stored logs with the full capabilities of the Log Explorer, which is purpose-built for querying logs
Configure storage tier and retention

Seamless correlation with full context in an integrated platform

  • Pivot from logs to the corresponding APM traces with a single click for full context
  • Jump directly from logs to triggered security signals without switching tools or contexts
  • Easily navigate from dashboards to associated logs for faster troubleshooting

Scalable log management for every team and every stack

  • Manage access to your log data with granular RBAC controls that can be scoped to fit your organization’s structures and roles
  • Scale with confidence—send and process millions of logs per minute or petabytes per month seamlessly
  • Supports PCI and HIPAA compliance
Track and understand your log management volumes

Customer Testimonials

Datadog has been instrumental in reducing our time to incident resolution. Datadog exposes a great deal of valuable data about our services and environments, to the right stakeholders, at all points of our software development life cycle.

Jeff Webb

Engineering Manager, Rose Rocket



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Resolving bugs and scaling challenges using the power of Logging without Limits™


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