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Modern Log Management & Analytics

Modern Log Management & Analytics

Search and analyze your logs at any scale, on any budget.

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Datadog Log Management unifies logs, metrics, and traces in a single view, giving you rich context for analyzing log data. Whether you’re troubleshooting issues, optimizing performance, or investigating security threats, Logging without Limits™ provides a cost-effective, scalable approach to centralized log management, so you can get complete visibility across your stack.

Rapid troubleshooting, investigation, and analytics

  • Search, filter, and analyze logs on the fly—no complex query language required
  • Jump start exploration with Log Patterns, which intelligently surfaces trends in log activity
  • Visualize summary log data on interactive dashboards and work efficiently with granular saved views

Process, enrich, and route all your logs from one central control panel

  • Leverage out-of-the-box log processing pipelines for 170+ common technologies
  • Build consistent, structured datasets from your raw log data, no matter the source
  • Enrich ingested logs with custom reference data to add more context and make them more actionable
Processing logs with out of the box pipeline templates

Logging without Limits™

  • Ingest, Live Tail, and archive everything. Decide which logs are most useful to retain (and for how long); change your mind anytime
  • Generate metrics from all logs (regardless of whether they're indexed) to track trends and KPIs
  • Rehydrate logs from your compressed archives and access them in Datadog to support audits or investigations
Logging without Limits™: value from every log

The complete story in a single pane of glass

  • Seamlessly navigate from dashboards to associated logs for faster troubleshooting
  • Jump directly from logs to triggered security signals without switching tools or contexts
  • Pivot from logs to the corresponding APM traces with a single click

Scalable log management for every team and every stack

  • Manage access to your log data with granular controls that can be scoped to fit your organization’s structures and roles
  • Scale with confidence—send and process millions of logs per minute or petabytes per month seamlessly
  • Use fine-grained controls to prioritize high-value logs and stay within budget
Track and understand your log management volumes