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Healthcare/Life Sciences

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Ensure healthy digital operations

Gain holistic visibility into application, infrastructure,
and device performance

As healthcare providers digitize, and life sciences companies increasingly automate their workflows by adopting advanced technologies, these firms introduce new, dynamic IT infrastructure that must be actively managed. Ensuring that a patient-facing mobile application, robotic lab worker, or biological data analytics platform is consistently performing as expected can be challenging. The same technologies that allow for massive scale, resiliency in the face of unpredictable demand, and improved agility also make applications vastly more complex and prone to unforeseen issues.

Healthcare and life sciences firms that use Datadog are able to gain real-time insight and control over the health of all of their digital assets, and still maintain HIPAA compliance. Datadog provides visibility and analytics into application performance, user behavior, and device hardware. These insights enable companies to not only assure that processes are executing as expected, but also to pinpoint issues in internal or third-party systems to allow for immediate remediation.

Understand the health of all applications and digital assets

At any given time, healthcare and life sciences companies interact digitally with thousands to millions of patients and their records, devices, and other applications. This represents a substantial set of digital objects to oversee. Yet ensuring that applications and IT infrastructure are always healthy is essential for nearly all business processes, compliance efforts, and, in many cases, patient safety. Datadog allows healthcare and life sciences firms to track the real-time health of each individual digital asset in use, even at the scale of hundreds of millions of devices, application sessions, or other objects. Engineers can use Datadog's robust dashboarding and alerting features to pinpoint issues affecting a single patient, device, or lab system, and to quickly assemble related performance data to identify the problem’s root cause.

Accelerate DevOps initiatives, cloud migrations, EMR rollouts, and other modernization efforts

Healthcare and life sciences firms undertaking modernization initiatives often run into unforeseen difficulties that slow down progress. These can span from experience gaps with novel technologies to missing support tooling needed to run new processes. Datadog offers a number of capabilities to ensure that modernization projects stay on or ahead of schedule. With more than 350 vendor-supported integrations and accompanying out-of-the-box dashboards, Datadog not only supports legacy applications but also offers turn-key support for nearly any new technology that is being implemented. Datadog’s centralized data platform and intuitive UI allow geographically distributed teams to collaborate and analyze the same data sets. Furthermore, Datadog offers built-in workflow support connected to these tooling integrations, which streamlines the adoption of cloud and container platforms, as well as DevOps and agile process changes.


Proactively identify potential issues and outages

Healthcare and life sciences companies run mission-critical systems, which means that issues or outages can potentially lead to life-or-death situations. As a result, engineering teams at these companies strive to shift from reacting to issues as they occur, to proactively spotting potential problems and resolving them before they escalate. Datadog provides a number of machine learning–based alerts that evaluate granular historical data, ranging from outlier and anomaly detection to forecasts of future resource usage. These capabilities can spot trends that are otherwise invisible to the human eye and allow for early detection of potential issues so that they can be remediated proactively.


HIPAA-compliant log management

Datadog is committed to the security and privacy of our customers' data. As a Business Associate, Datadog has implemented risk-based security controls and compliance programs to help our customers increase observability while maintaining HIPAA compliance. Datadog has continued to pursue independent third-party assessments and validations of our security and compliance capabilities, including industry-standard reports like SOC 2 Type II. Datadog has also completed a third-party HIPAA compliance assessment for the Log Management product, and can provide an executive summary of that assessment upon request.

Visit our Security page for additional information on Datadog’s Security and Compliance programs.

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