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Case Management

Case Management

Triage, assign, and close tickets faster with integrated observability

Datadog Case Management offers a consolidated view of operational tasks, bugs, and incident follow-ups for teams that develop, operate, and support critical applications. By integrating observability into your service management process, Case Management eliminates the need to context switch between tools, enabling more efficient issue triaging and troubleshooting.

Efficient ticket triaging and tracking

  • Create cases for operational tasks, incident follow-ups, and other work items in one centralized platform
  • Effectively prioritize large ticket queues and ensure critical issues, such as those detected by monitor alerts, security signals, Error Tracking, or events from third-party integrations, receive attention
  • Use for any type of operations—DevOps, network operations (NOC), or security operations (SOC)
Efficient ticket triaging and tracking

Accelerate the flow of work between teams

  • Establish clear lines of ownership between development, operations, security, and support teams
  • Identify, triage, and resolve issues in one observability-integrated ticketing system
  • Escalate customer-impacting issues to Datadog Incidents and leverage real-time collaboration features

Fits into your organization's process

  • Work on cases in Datadog while getting the right people notified via Slack, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty, and other third-party integrations
  • Automate the creation of a case record in Jira and ServiceNow with bidirectional integrations
  • Receive email notifications when key events occur during the lifecycle of a case

Measure the effectiveness of your operations

  • Discover insights into team productivity at a glance with dashboards and flexible analytics
  • Analyze trends and identify areas for improvements over the long term
  • Measure the effectiveness of your operations against business outcomes
Measure the effectiveness of your operations



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Case Management


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