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Deliver consistently speedy media and ads

Successful media site visits are measured in milliseconds—even slight delays can cause notable volumes of viewer exits. Yet it is challenging to ensure that a media site is consistently fast. The same technologies that allow for instant scalability and improved agility also make website infrastructure vastly more complex and prone to unforeseen issues.

Media companies that use Datadog are able to deftly gain control over their customers’ experience. Datadog provides visibility and analytics across website infrastructure health and site visitor behavior. These insights provide the capability to identify targets for site improvement as well as to quickly pinpoint issues on visitor-facing web pages, backend services, and third-party APIs.

“In terms of time, on a daily basis, Datadog eliminates a lot of the back and forth with the media owners to find out what is going on.”
- Mark Chadwick, CTO, Vistar Media

Ensure site reliability during high-traffic events

Major traffic events such as new content releases or breaking news stories are frequently accompanied by business-impacting website issues. These problems typically stem from unpredictable traffic that overwhelms the website’s infrastructure, often in “blind spots” that are difficult to instrument. Datadog provides visibility across a website’s codebase and infrastructure through more than 350 out-of-the-box integrations. Engineering teams can use Datadog's robust dashboarding and alerting features to get holistic, second-by-second awareness of visitor behavior and website infrastructure health as “blockbuster” content is released and accessed.


Capture on-site business metrics from visitor behavior and served ads

Media companies need visibility into two main business drivers: how visitors are digesting content and whether ads are being served as expected. Yet collecting data from these on-site occurrences requires deep insight into a website’s code execution, which neither business intelligence solutions nor tooling like Google Analytics provides. Datadog's code-level instrumentation can capture website events like ad clicks in real time. These metrics can be aggregated into precisely scoped groups of served ads or visitors to identify website hot spots and to understand the performance of a customer’s media buy.


Derive and expose KPIs to partners in real time

Media companies often host, create, or distribute ads and content from partner firms on a contractual basis. Thus, successfully serving content impacts the business of both the media company and its partners. Datadog allows for content distribution and visitor interaction data to be made available to third parties in an easy yet secure fashion. Performance data can be abstracted into KPIs and publicly shared in dashboards that are created in minutes by dragging and dropping a number of widgets. Datadog’s publicly shareable dashboards include robust visibility controls, and automatically update in real time.

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