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CI Pipeline Visibility

CI Pipeline Visibility

Monitor & improve the performance of your business-critical builds & deployments in any CI/CD tool

Datadog CI/CD Pipeline Visibility enables platform engineering and DevOps teams to monitor and improve the performance of their CI/CD pipelines. Visualize and alert on key performance & health indicators while correlating with logs across cloud and self-hosted runners in order to quickly find bottlenecks, fix performance issues, and reduce CI/CD costs.

Improve the performance and reliability of your CI pipelines

  • Proactively monitor key pipeline performance metrics such as execution time and failure rate across your cloud and on-premise CI hosts
  • Identify and fix slow and high-failure pipelines and jobs with OOTB dashboards and correlation with commit and repo information
  • Optimize CI infrastructure provisioning and pipeline efficiency with consistent, measurable KPIs across your entire organization
Improve the performance and reliability of your CI pipelines

Quickly resolve pre-production slowdowns to maintain development velocity

  • Track job duration over time and compare with default branch benchmarks to detect performance regressions and prevent them from impacting more developers
  • Fix pipeline issues faster by correlating performance degradations with relevant commits, error messages, infrastructure metrics, and logs
  • Proactively monitor and alert on any broken or degrading pipelines, and route alerts to the relevant teams with valuable context
Quickly resolve pre-production slowdowns to maintain development velocity

Optimize and evangelize developer experience with data-driven decisions

  • Visualize pipeline executions and monitor key performance indicators to improve CI/CD workflows and developer experience
  • Track historical metrics to report on the benefits of parallelizing jobs, reducing queue time, and improving performance
  • Share performance data across teams with commit-centric views and automatic GitHub comments

Ship better code, faster with Datadog Software Delivery

  • Identify, triage, and eliminate existing and new flaky tests before they impact your build pipelines
  • Block faulty, slow, poorly written, or vulnerable code from merging to main or prod with Quality Gates and Static Analysis
  • Automatically skip irrelevant tests with Intelligent Test Runner to reduce testing time on feature branches
Accelerate software delivery across your entire organization

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