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Observability Pipelines

Observability Pipelines

Take control of your observability data with the freedom to collect, transform, and route data anywhere

Datadog Observability Pipelines enables you to cost-effectively collect, transform, and route logs from any source to any destination at a petabyte scale. Take full control of your observability data by making value-based decisions in your own infrastructure to optimize volume, flexibly route data, stay compliant, and standardize data.

Control costs, improve visibility

  • Cost-effectively ingest and process all of your logs with flexibility to route noisy data to low-cost storage and rehydrate data as needed
  • Reduce your total data volumes through rule-based sampling and aggregation without losing access to mission-critical KPIs and trends
  • Impose rule-based throttles and reactive routing strategies for spike protection
Control costs, improve visibility

Simplify migrations, reduce lock-in

  • Orchestrate and monitor data delivery from any source to any destination, including on-prem locations
  • Adopt new technologies at your own pace without vendor lock-in
  • Automatically parse, enrich, and map data to the right schema
Simplify migrations

Protect sensitive data

  • Redact sensitive data before it leaves your infrastructure
  • Stay compliant with residency laws with full control over data routing
  • Centralized and multi-region deployments give you flexibility to choose the right strategy for your sensitive data
Protect sensitive data

Enforce data quality

  • Format, transform, and enrich all observability data using built-in processors to get more insights out of your existing systems
  • Adopt schemas to enforce consistent data quality and improve investigation and resolution times
  • Manage and preserve data quality when changes are made with type-safe transforms
Enforce data quality

Monitor and manage pipelines through a single control plane

  • Understand the health, bottleneck, and performance of all your pipelines deployed in your infrastructure
  • Build or edit pipeline configurations in an easy-to-use, point-and-click UI
  • Easily update and deploy all or a specific subset of your pipeline instances by remotely deploying from the UI
Superior performance at petabyte scale



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