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Video Testimonials

Partner Testimonials

We have a number of MSP clients, so we need to have a single pane of glass view across performance and outages. The ability to understand context and provide alerts based on whether the system is actually critical and has actually gone down is very important, and Datadog provides us with that information.

Adam Durbin, Lead Engineer, CMD Solutions

Kong is the leading open source API management platform, and since Datadog is the leading cloud monitoring platform, partnering with Datadog and building an integration was important for our users. With Datadog, users can log API metrics like request count, request size, response status and latency to the local Datadog Agent, and can also use the Agent to collect Kong’s connection and database details. These capabilities have strengthened Kong's offerings, and we have been proud to partner with Datadog throughout this process.

Cooper Marcus, Director of Ecosystem, Kong Inc.