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Monitor AWS VPC with Datadog

Author Abril Loya McCloud

Published: June 1, 2016

AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is an on-demand, isolated section of Amazon Web Services (AWS) that allows you to allocate AWS resources within a custom-defined virtual network.

Datadog is happy to announce our AWS VPC integration, which allows you to monitor all components within your AWS VPC alongside your EC2-classic components.

Monitor AWS VPC

VPC is designed to be a highly performant network and its usage provides access to many additional benefits in conjunction with services available in EC2-classic. Some of the most notable benefits of using a VPC include running your instances on single-tenant hardware, more fine-grained egress and ingress filtering, and the ability to add an additional layer of access control to your instances.

AWS has also developed several new types of instances only available for VPC: C4, T2, and M4. To take advantage of these new instances as well as other VPC benefits, read this starter guide provided by AWS for more in-depth instruction on properly setting up your own VPC.

Once you’ve enabled the AWS integration in Datadog, statuses of your VPC services will be collected automatically and displayed alongside metrics from your EC2-classic instances within your dashboard. You can then add a VPC tag to your hosts, and filter by tag in order to visualize your metrics.  With these measures in place, you can immediately correlate VPC metrics with metrics from the rest of your infrastructure and gain insight into your app performance.

monitor aws vpc image

As with EC2-classic monitoring in Datadog, you can assign additional tags and set custom monitors to alert you when there are status or resource consumption changes within your VPC. Datadog provides customizable, flexible monitoring that is well-suited to the highly configurable nature of VPCs.

Get Started

Datadog customers can start monitoring their VPCs by setting up the AWS integration tile in the integrations list; your VPC components will be crawled automatically. Otherwise, if you’d like to experience running a VPC with a comprehensive monitoring service, for a Datadog trial.