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Datadog is in the AWS Serverless Application Repository

Author Daniel Langer

Published: February 21, 2018

The AWS Serverless Application Repository is a brand-new service that allows companies, individuals, and partners to publish their own serverless applications to a central repository for public use. This new platform makes it easier than ever for developers to quickly deploy serverless applications on AWS. Each application is packaged using the Serverless Application Model (SAM) template, which standardizes the process for publishing, updating, and deploying these applications.

Datadog is pleased to include two serverless applications with the launch of the Serverless Application Repository, an RDS enhanced integration and a VPC Flow Log integration. These applications make it even easier to capture important metrics and tags from AWS in Datadog.

Datadog's two published serveless applications.

RDS enhanced integration application

Datadog’s Amazon RDS enhanced integration allows AWS customers to monitor high-resolution OS-level metrics from RDS instances running MySQL, Aurora, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB. This data is stored in CloudWatch Logs, which can be parsed and sent to Datadog using a Lambda function.

Until now, customers had to manually set up this Lambda function, copy and paste code from Github, and follow several configuration steps. Now, users can go directly to the AWS Serverless Application Repository, navigate to Datadog’s RDS enhanced integration application, and deploy the Lambda.

Just make sure “Enable Enhanced Monitoring” is turned on for the RDS instances from which you wish to receive enhanced metrics. You can enable Enhanced Monitoring during instance creation, or you can add it to an existing RDS instance by selecting the instance in the RDS console and then choosing Instance Options → Modify.

Within a few minutes, you will see a multitude of new aws.rds metrics appear in Datadog. A full list of metrics that come from the enhanced integration can be found in our documentation.

Datadog's RDS enhanced integration.

The VPC Flow Log integration application

In addition to the RDS enhanced integration, Datadog has a new integration in the AWS Serverless Application Repository: VPC Flow Logs.

VPC Flow Logs capture information about the IP traffic flowing to and from your virtual private cloud’s network interfaces. This information lets you monitor the traffic that is reaching your instances and is helpful in solving common problems when running a VPC, such as diagnosing security group rules and troubleshooting why some traffic might not be reaching an instance.

Datadog’s VPC Flow Logs integration takes these flow logs and pulls out high-granularity metrics that are accompanied with rich tags. Information such as inbound and outbound traffic—aggregated by IP address or protocol—and accepted or rejected packets is revealed in an easily analyzable timeseries format. This is accomplished via a Lambda function that parses and sends the metrics and tags to Datadog. In the AWS Serverless Application Repository, navigate to Datadog’s VPC Flow Log integration application and deploy the Lambda.

The metrics and tags created from this integration can be found below.


  • aws.vpc.flowlogs.action
  • aws.vpc.flowlogs.bytes.per_request
  • aws.vpc.flowlogs.duration.per_request
  • aws.vpc.flowlogs.log_status
  • aws.vpc.flowlogs.packets.per_request


  • action
  • account
  • direction
  • interface_id
  • ip
  • protocol
  • region

Start using Datadog’s serverless applications

You can find Datadog’s serverless applications, as well as dozens of others, in the Serverless Application Repository. If you don’t yet have a Datadog account, you can sign up for a to get complete visibility into your AWS environment.