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Monitor containers on Amazon Bottlerocket with Datadog

Author Mary Jac Heuman

Published: August 31, 2020

Amazon’s Bottlerocket is a new Linux-based open-source operating system that’s designed with containers in mind. Bottlerocket is optimized and stripped down to only the essential software needed to run containers. You can apply updates to Bottlerocket in a single step, and roll them back instantly if necessary. And, because it’s open-source, you can customize the operating system to fit your specific needs. Bottlerocket AMIs seamlessly work with container orchestrators like Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, which lets you automate container management tasks, and Bottlerocket can run in any environment, from virtual machines to bare-metal servers

For any containerized environment, continuous monitoring is important to make sure your applications are behaving as expected and that you have actionable information for when problems do arise. Datadog offers total insight into your containers running on Bottlerocket, whether you’re running them on-prem or using an orchestrator like EKS. With Datadog, you can get real-time visibility into container activity alongside the performance of any related services, so you can view your entire environment’s health at a glance.

Out-of-the-box dashboard to monitor Amazon EKS resources

Real-time insight into containers with the Datadog Agent

Since containerized applications are highly dynamic, it’s crucial to watch for changes in real-time. The Datadog Agent collects metrics, traces, logs and more directly from your containers running on Bottlerocket hosts or any other OS. You can read our documentation for instructions on how to deploy the Agent to your specific environment, whether you’re running Docker containers or using a managed service like EKS.

Immediately after installation, the Agent goes to work pulling real-time data from your containers and underlying hosts so that you can visualize, search, and analyze it in Datadog. Customizable, out-of-the-box dashboards show you key metrics like resource usage and node state, tailored to what service you’re running, to give you a snapshot of your applications’ vital signs. Datadog’s Container Map gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire fleet as containers are created and updated. For more granular detail, the Live Container View shows more detailed metrics like memory usage and CPU capacity per container, updated every 3 seconds. Datadog automatically imports key metadata, like availability zone, cluster, and deployment, and tags your metrics, allowing you to quickly filter and group your containers, so the right information is easy to access when troubleshooting a cluster problem.

Orchestration services like Amazon EKS help to manage containerized applications at high scale, but it can be difficult to track changes they apply to your fleet. The Datadog Agent addresses this by using Autodiscovery to detect the services running on your containers as they created, and automatically applying the right configuration to collect key metrics.

Kubernetes resources in the container view

Support for the full AWS ecosystem

Chances are, your containerized applications on AWS rely on other services, such as Amazon S3, Fargate, and Lambda. Datadog’s AWS integration gives you full visibility into every part of your AWS stack, with turnkey dashboards for dozens of the most popular AWS services. This means that, once you’ve enabled the integration, you can easily track the health and performance of your AWS infrastructure side-by-side with your container metrics. For instance, our AWS Lambda dashboard tracks the errors, duration, and invocation time of your serverless functions.

Preset dashboard for AWS Lambda resources

Start monitoring your Bottlerocket containers

Amazon’s Bottlerocket operating system offers benefits like streamlined updates, an open-source model, and efficient resource utilization ideal for any containerized environment. With the Datadog Agent, you can get real-time insights into your cluster and applications through metrics, traces, and logs. And, with support for more than 400 integrations, including the full range of AWS services, you can monitor your entire cloud stack from a single pane of glass. Visit our documentation to get started with the Datadog Agent today, or sign up for a 14-day free trial.