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Datadog APM recognized as Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice

Author Alex Rosemblat

Published: November 30, 2020

Datadog is excited to celebrate our 2020 selection as Customers’ Choice for Application Performance Monitoring in Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer.” Datadog Application Performance Monitoring empowers customers to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize end-to-end application performance in a single pane of glass.

Gartner Peer Insights is a peer review platform that recognizes vendors that are highly rated by their customers through the Customers’ Choice Distinction. In order to qualify for this accolade, vendors must represent a diverse set of enterprise clients and have an average rating that is above or equal to the mean rating for the market from at least 50 reviewers. All reviews are thoroughly vetted for authenticity to ensure that the average rating is representative of real customer experiences.

We’re proud of the customer reviews we’ve received through Gartner Peer Insights. A Software Engineer in the Services Industry called Datadog APM the “Swiss army knife of software monitoring,” and a CTO in the Services Industry described Datadog APM as “the best monitoring product in the market.” A Head of Cloud Operations in the Finance Industry praised Datadog’s ability to respond to customer feedback, calling us an “excellent partner who is open to business needs and feature developments to address those needs.”

Datadog APM provides unparalleled visibility into modern applications through a wide range of offerings, including App Analytics, Watchdog, and the Service Map. By surfacing anomalies, mapping service dependencies, and tracing requests from end to end, Datadog APM enables you to deliver a stronger user experience. Give it a try today with a .

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