Datadog and Moxtra: Tracking Performance the Right Way | Datadog

Datadog and Moxtra: Tracking performance the right way

Author Matthias Broner

Published: November 2, 2015

Datadog × Moxtra is a powerful combination to keep your team up to date on any business-critical information.


You may use Datadog to monitor any piece of your infrastructure, be it Amazon Web Services, your datacenter with a gazillion servers, or just your host. Then take the best decisions after brainstorming using Moxtra. Moxtra is a collaboration solution that lets your team have one unified place to send messages and documents, fill out documents and collaborate on files, voice conference, screen-share and video chat. Not to mention that you can connect all of your apps in one place so that all your content is accessible and actionable no matter where you are.

You can configure alerts directly to your favorite Moxtra binder to monitor any unusual spikes.

Here is an example where Datadog sends a very high CPU usage alert. Jane from the Ops team instantly gets the notification and is ready to tackle the situation promptly.


Jane can now bring in others to look into this issue, collaborate on the root cause analysis, and resolve it quickly.

Complemented by Datadog’s extremely informative dashboards which can track any of your metrics side by side, you are all set to seamlessly share information from anywhere, collaborate with your team, and instantly go from alert to action.

In a nutshell, tracking performance this way becomes sweet and super productive.