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Track detailed run-time performance data with mParticle and Datadog

Author Clark Kibler

Published: April 20, 2015

This is a guest post from Clark Kibler, Director of Product Management at mParticle.

About mParticle

mParticle is a mobile technology company dedicated to making it easier and faster for app marketers and developers to integrate with the mobile service ecosystem. By centralizing first party app data collection through a single, lightweight SDK, mParticle customers can implement new partners without changing code or waiting for app store approval. In addition to improving app stability and security, this approach enables app developers to spend less time on integrations and more time building features that delight their users.

Thanks to Datadog and mParticle, mobile app run-time performance is no longer a blind-spot for app publishers’ real-time system monitoring efforts. It’s now possible to create a complete, unified view of system activity and performance that encompasses mobile, desktop, and server.

Track detailed run-time performance data on your mobile apps in real-time

Track detailed run-time performance data with mParticle and Datadog

The mParticle SDK automatically collects detailed run-time performance data such as CPU load, memory usage, and battery level. Developers can leverage the mParticle integration with Datadog to monitor and alert on these stats in their Datadog dashboards. You can also track the latency of any network requests made by your apps. All of these metrics can be broken down by detailed technographic information, such as OS version, app version, device model, and location.

Overlay mobile app crash alerts on all of your Datadog graphs

Track detailed run-time performance data with mParticle and Datadog

mParticle forwards all app crashes and unhandled exceptions as events to Datadog, with aggregation keys that group similar error messages into a single item in your Datadog Events Stream. These can then be shared with and commented on by team members, or plotted alongside any other metric you’re tracking in Datadog.

Correlate mobile user activity with other data in your system

mParticle forwards real-time active session counts to Datadog, enabling app developers to correlate app user activity with metrics from any other part of your infrastructure. Session activity can be broken down by a variety of dimensions, including mobile platform, OS version, app version, device model, and location.

Does your team use mParticle but not Datadog? You can get a of Datadog and see how easy it is to track all of your app performance metrics in one place. If you’re already a Datadog customer, get started with the integration here.

Alternatively, does your team use Datadog but not mParticle? You can get started with mParticle by signing up for a free 14-day trial on our website. For more information about mParticle, drop us a line at and we’ll get right back to you!