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StatusPage.io Public Metrics - now with Datadog metrics

StatusPage.io Public Metrics - now with Datadog metrics

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Published: July 22, 2013

Last week, one of our partners, StatusPage.io, released their new Public Metrics feature that lets StatusPage.io customers put together a pretty status page in just a few minutes.

StatusPage.io offers a service to broadcast your service status to existing and prospective customers.

Any metric from Datadog can be exposed through StatusPage.io. Ultimately, this capability can be used to provide timely status updates to customers around the clock.

To get Datadog metrics onto StatusPage.io’s Public Metrics, , and then sign up for a free trial of StatusPage.io. Connecting the Datadog metrics to Public Metrics takes just a few clicks.

Here’s a snapshot of our own Datadog Public Metrics page.


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