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CloudCheckr + Datadog: Better rightsizing of cloud resources

Author Abril Loya McCloud

Published: March 1, 2017

Cloud-based infrastructure is ideal for companies that need to scale up and down quickly to meet demand. However, scalability can come at a high cost as resource consumption balloons and resource management becomes inefficient. CloudCheckr is a web-based platform that allows you to monitor and optimize the cost and performance of your AWS infrastructure by providing customized recommendations. By using Datadog and CloudCheckr together, you can quickly make data-driven decisions based on current and past resource consumption to maintain an agile, cost-effective infrastructure.

Keep your cloud in check

CloudCheckr makes cloud resource management easier by providing historical data, performance trends, and recommendations based on your AWS usage in one dashboard. Datadog’s integration with CloudCheckr provides granular memory usage metrics for every AWS instance, which CloudCheckr uses to better inform its analyses.

Cost optimization

Datadog’s memory data allows you to evaluate how your instances are using critical resources and can signal mismatches between provisioned capacity and utilization. By taking this memory usage data into consideration in their Right-Sizing Report, CloudCheckr provides you with best practice recommendations to rebalance and optimize your instances while saving your organization money. CloudCheckr’s Right-Sizing Report takes both your memory usage data as well as your CPU usage to produce a utilization score in the range of zero to 10. Low-scoring instances are underused while high-scoring instances are being overused, so you can rebalance your instances to improve your AWS performance.

Rightsizing report

Once you have the data to understand and optimize your AWS resource usage, you can set custom alerts in CloudCheckr to track your consumption or spending.

Rightsizing report

Get started

Adding Datadog metrics to CloudCheckr is simple; all you have to do is click into your CloudCheckr Extensions and add your Datadog API and application keys. Within minutes, Datadog metrics will start flowing into your CloudCheckr account.

If you’d like to monitor and optimize your AWS usage, you can sign up for a and connect it up to CloudCheckr today.