GopherCon India Talk - Go Faster: Optimizing Go Programs | Datadog

GopherCon India talk - Go faster: optimizing Go programs

Author Alex Rosemblat

Published: March 26, 2015

Last month at GopherCon India, Jason Moiron, Software Engineer and Gopher at Datadog, delivered a presentation entitled “Go Faster: Optimizing Go Programs”.

In the video embedded below, Jason describes various optimization techniques Datadog has explored in the past year of using Go in production. He covers things like use of the Go profiler, Go test benchmarks, runtime behavior, cgo, compiler optimization/inlining, Go’s ASM support, and some implementation details for maps, channels, the runtime and the select statement.

Enjoy the presentation, and special thanks to Go Language Community in India and the Innovation and Technology Trust for putting on a great show.

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