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Forrester's new Wave report and the consolidation of monitoring

Author Michael Yamnitsky

Published: April 26, 2019

We’re thrilled to share that Datadog has been recognized by Forrester Research as a Leader in its report, The Forrester Wave™: Intelligent Application And Service Monitoring, Q2 2019.

Unlike previous industry analyst reports, which focused specifically on application performance or IT operations, this report gives a nod to the changing landscape, where customers want to have a unified view across all components of their software for faster problem detection and diagnosis. According to the report:

Previous generations of monitoring tools often focused on specific silos within the application or infrastructure environment… To meet rising customer expectations, operations leaders need new monitoring technologies that can provide a unified view of all components of a service, from application code to infrastructure.

In Datadog’s vendor profile, Rich Lane, Senior Analyst at Forrester Research and author of the report, wrote:

A unified dashboard keeps the practitioner in-context when troubleshooting performance issues… Customers noted that the solution (Datadog) gives them far greater visibility than previously deployed tools, allowing staff members, armed with precise troubleshooting data, to react faster.

The next wave of unified monitoring

The IASM Wave validates for us what we see in the field—a rising tide of consolidation in monitoring. As enterprises become more digital and agile, there is an acute focus on detecting and solving application issues quickly. To meet these new requirements, development and operations teams are at various stages of integrating or retiring single-purpose monitoring tools in favor of unified platforms.

For this report, Forrester evaluated 13 Intelligent Application and Service Monitoring (IASM) vendors across three main categories: current offering, strategy, and market presence. Datadog scored highest among all vendors in the strategy category. And in the time since the Forrester evaluation back in the fall of 2018, we have been hard at work delivering on our strategic goals. For example, this year we released Synthetics API Tests and Browser Tests to address our customers’ needs for monitoring user experiences. Looking forward, you can expect us to continue to push significant advances in this area.

Looking ahead

We are grateful to our customers who participated in this study and gave us their vote of confidence. We are committed to building a unified experience for our customers, and will continue to expand our service offerings to cover many adjacent areas that are important to them.

Upwards and onwards!