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Introducing this year's new Datadog Ambassadors

Author Claire Laurence

Published: June 13, 2024

Last August we announced the Datadog Ambassador Program, which recognizes and highlights some of our extraordinary individuals who share their experiences using Datadog and help to foster our community.

Over the past nine months, Datadog Ambassadors have continued contributing to our community through talks, developing courses, and writing blog posts. Here are a few highlights:

This year, the Datadog Ambassador program is doubling in size. We’re thrilled to introduce our nine new Datadog Ambassadors!

Apostolis Apostolidis

photo of Apostolis Apostolidis

Apostolis, or Toli, is a software engineering practitioner who believes that learning and working together are catalysts for high-performing, software-first teams who care about how their software serves their customers. Toli has spoken at many Datadog events, including DASH 2021 and 2023 and at our London Summit this past March. You can view all of his talks here. Toli has also published a number of blog posts on his personal blog and on Medium, and he is an editor of The Side Dish, Flipdish’s product engineering blog.

Ashley Parks

photo of Ashley Parks

Ashley is a senior DevOps engineer and innovator with a passion for problem solving and stability. With almost six years of experience at Toyota Connected North America, Ashley has played a crucial role in the infrastructure for their Telematics Service Platform. Known for her expertise in the Datadog platform, Ashley is always open to sharing insights and best practices. Ashley has spoken at DASH twice, in 2022 and 2023.

Carles Javierre

photo of Carles Javierre

Carles is an entrepreneur who helps businesses improve their infrastructure through things like migrating them to the cloud, improving their cybersecurity posture, and providing them with the highest level of observability available on the market. With Datadog, he guides teams in the right path to tidy up the performance of their services, reducing costs, improving reliability, their overall user experience as well as finding logical solutions to what seemed to be impossible problems.

Changhyeon Yoon

photo of Changhyeon Yoon

Changhyeon works in frontend and DevOps, using React.js and Flutter. He is interested in UI/UX monitoring, CI/CD optimization, and error tracking to provide stable and pleasant services to users. He is active in the AWS local community and is also a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador.

Ibukun Itimi

photo of Ibukun Itimi

Ibukun is an engineering manager with experience across several platform engineering domains. She has a passion for building high-performing teams, and for advocating for a culture of building platform products that improve developer experience and productivity. You can check out her course DevOps Foundations: Monitoring and Observability on LinkedIn Learning.

Santiago Gómez Sáez

photo of Santiago Gómez Sáez

Santiago is a lead cloud architect who works with teams at Volkswagen Group to migrate workloads to cloud environments as part of their digitalization efforts. Santiago is responsible for a skilled team that owns a multi-region API platform, and he works to foster the adoption and compliant rollout of Datadog worldwide. His overarching objective is to develop architectures that optimize—through standards and automation compliance—bottlenecks encountered in highly regulated ecosystems. Santiago spoke at DASH in 2022.

Kano Ichiro

photo of Kano Ichiro

Kano leads the Cloud Managed Services team at Toshiba Digital Solutions. His team implements and operates eight multi- and hybrid-cloud environments that make up the IT platform for the solutions provided by Toshiba Group. They also solve a broad range of observability problems using Datadog’s comprehensiveness platform.

Juliano Marcos Martins

photo of Juliano Marcos Martins

With over 20 years of IT industry experience, Juliano is a passionate tech leader and coder who thrives on complex project management and high-performance delivery. He has led teams in various locations worldwide, combining leadership with hands-on coding skills in Java, .Net, C#, Go, and Node.js. He has extensive experience in cloud-based environments, utilizing AWS, GCP, and Azure. Juliano also spoke at DASH in 2023.

Anatoly Mikhaylov

photo of Anatoly Mikhaylov

Anatoly is a senior staff reliability engineer at Zendesk. His team is responsible for capacity management, infrastructure rightsizing, building sophisticated observability, running performance workshops, and ensuring large complex systems are up and running reliably and cost efficiently. His team runs observability workshops and keeps their Datadog integration up to date. He also contributes to Zendesk Engineering and NGINX blogs, publishes with USENIX’s ;login: magazine, and represents Zendesk at several tech conferences and online webinars.

You can read more about the Datadog Ambassador program here.