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What is a Datadog Ambassador?

Datadog Ambassadors are technical experts and community leaders who share their knowledge, helping people build better applications infrastructure, and welcoming others to join the conversation. They love to learn new things and new technologies, solve problems, and share their solutions with the world. As community role models, you’ll find Datadog Ambassadors writing technical blog posts, sharing video walkthroughs, and contributing to open source code.

Our Ambassadors

Xing Du

Xing Du

Opendoor Labs Inc

Xing is a minimalist software engineer who’s passionate about science, technology, DevOps, and solving problems. On his blog, he writes about Datadog and other technical topics.
Mike Stemle

Mike Stemle

Arc XP

Mike Stemle brings 25 years of experience to his role as a software professional, along with 27 years of active involvement in the open-source community. He specializes in troubleshooting, integrating different technologies, and spreading a healthy love of legacy code. Beyond his professional pursuits, his life is enriched by his wife, Krista, and their three sons.

Among Mike’s contributions to the Datadog community, he has authored the Datadog Service Catalog Metadata Provider custom GitHub Action, which is freely available in the GitHub Marketplace.

Kristina Kondrashevich

Kristina Kondrashevich


During her career, Kristina has been responsible for writing code, managing teams, and improving software delivery processes. Today, as an SRE Product Owner at Electrolux, she supports the platform team to bring traditional product management practices into their way of working. Her primary objective is to prioritize the satisfaction of developers within her organization, viewing them as consumers and striving to enhance their overall experience. Outside of her professional life, she enjoys reading and has a profound love for lifelong learning. Exploring new ideas, concepts, and perspectives truly ignites her curiosity.
Benjamen Pyle

Benjamen Pyle

Curantis Solutions

Benjamen is a lifelong technology enthusiast with a passion for community-building, AWS, and delivering value to customers through pragmatic solutions. Outside of tech, Benjamen loves to spend quality family time with his wife and their two sons both on and off the golf course. He is also fortunate to have 12 paws at home that keep him busy.

The following articles show some of Benjamen’s contributions to the Datadog community:

Suraj Tikoo

Suraj Tikoo


Suraj focuses on using Datadog to optimize cloud infrastructure. He helps businesses enhance performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency while enabling them to unlock valuable insights from their data.

Among his contributions to the Datadog community, Suraj has created a sample Java Spring Boot application to be used with Datadog APM. He has also published technical articles about Datadog on the Towards AWS blog. Learn more here:

Divya Gupta Arora

Divya Gupta Arora


Divya serves as an Engineering Manager at Expedia Group, leading a talented team devoted to using technology to enhance the travel experience. Her broad technical expertise spans Kotlin, Java, GraphQL, AWS, Datadog, Angular, Git, and microservices. Beyond using her technical skills, she has contributed to architectural design, people management, and product development across various domains, including hospitality, real estate, and finance. She has also made significant contributions to the field of Swarm Intelligence, with approximately 10 research papers published in renowned international journals. Divya enjoys writing about emerging trends and sharing her insights on Medium and LinkedIn, where she welcomes new connections and conversations with fellow professionals. Outside work, she is a seasoned traveler and a trained classical dancer.

You can read an article here about Datadog that Divya published on her professional blog:

Willian Valerio

Willian Valerio


Willian has always found a home on the “Ops” side, serving in roles such as SysAdmin, DevOps, and SRE. Currently, he dedicates his efforts to helping engineers use Datadog to better diagnose and resolve issues within complex environments.

In line with his mission, Willian is the co-founder of Appoena, a consultancy in Brazil specializing in observability. Through Appoena, he is also the co-instructor of an online course for mastering observability with Datadog.

Martin Amps

Martin Amps

Stitch Fix

As a platform architect, Martin primarily supports workloads performing batch compute, recommendation pipelines, and other functions for data science. Prior to his current role, he was a Technical Lead at Twilio and the CTO of iCracked, a YC- & a16z-backed venture. Martin is originally from the UK and currently resides in Austin after an eight-year stint in San Francisco. Outside of work, he enjoys skydiving, traveling, cooking, guitar, and reverse engineering.

Among his contributions to the Datadog community, Martin has helped create and deliver an on-demand webinar that showed how his company Stitch Fix optimized cloud costs with the help of Datadog.

Code of Conduct

The following guidelines foster a welcoming, inclusive culture and help us define our values. This code of conduct applies to the actions and communications of all members of the program, whether acting in capacity as a Datadog Ambassador or not.

Be Inclusive and Respectful

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Be open and welcoming to people of all backgrounds and skill levels
  • Help new community members feel welcome

Act as a Role Model

  • Be professional, humble, and kind
  • Encourage behavior that is helpful and gracious
  • Never disparage, insult, or otherwise engage in rude behavior

Encourage Participation

  • Work to create a comfortable environment where everyone can contribute
  • Ask questions and support others when they do the same
  • Share knowledge freely and celebrate those that do the same

Be an Advocate for Datadog

  • Be enthusiastic about what Datadog is doing
  • Use Datadog products and share what you learn

Browse FAQs

How are individuals selected to be Datadog Ambassadors?

Datadog Ambassadors are selected from nominations submitted by Datadog employees and current Datadog Ambassadors. Nominees are evaluated based on their contributions to the community by a panel, and those who best exemplify our values are invited to participate. After the evaluation process, we may also reach out to some nominees that were not selected in order to help prepare them for next year’s program.

How long does membership in the program last, and what is expected of Datadog Ambassadors?

Membership is evaluated on a yearly basis. Datadog Ambassadors are expected to remain active in the community throughout their tenure, sharing knowledge and contributing in the same fashion that led to their nomination. Current members will be invited to reapply at the end of each year’s program.

What are the benefits?

Datadog Ambassadors receive a number of exclusive benefits in recognition of their outstanding contributions and to further support their community engagement efforts. These benefits include free Datadog certification exams, limited-edition swag, tickets and travel to DASH, professional profiles, opportunities to collaborate with the Datadog team, and much more to come.

Who is the Datadog Ambassadors program open to?

The program is open to everyone worldwide, regardless of location, background, or affiliation. Diversity and inclusion are core parts of the program. Our goal is to recognize individuals from a variety of communities and backgrounds.

Can I self-nominate to be a Datadog Ambassador?

Currently the program is not open to applications, and nominations must come from Datadog employees or current Datadog Ambassadors. If you are interested in joining, the best way is to start contributing and sharing your knowledge about Datadog.