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Around the waterbowl

Author Jason Yee
Author Daniel Maher

Published: November 14, 2019

OpenTracing with Scala

OpenTracing is an API specification that provides consistency for distributed tracing and context propagation. Our friends at Colisweb recently developed Scala OpenTracing, a Scala wrapper around the OpenTracing library.

More Scala and Datadog

Continuing the theme, scaladog is a Datadog API client for Scala, as announced at Datadog Summit Tokyo—pull requests welcome!

Circuit breaking with Micrometer

Meanwhile, at Pivotal, the Spring Cloud Services team recently faced a dilemma: their Circuit Breaker Dashboard was based on Netflix’s Hystrix Dashboard, which is being retired. To replace their Circuit Breaker Dashboard, they configured Micrometer to ship metrics to Datadog. Read how they did it.

Timing CircleCI commands

CircleCI is a popular platform used by projects around the world both large and small. Using circle-dd-bench, you can wrap an arbitrary command in CircleCI and then report that running time up to Datadog as a custom metric.

Terraforming monitors

Did you know that you can export your Datadog monitors as JSON? When viewing a monitor, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select export. But what if you need another format?

Our friends at Intercom love Terraform and have been practicing monitoring-as-code. Their Datadog to Terraform Converter tool makes it easy to convert your monitor’s JSON into Terraform alarm format. Install the browser extension from the Chrome web store or view the source code on Github.

Monitoring the Kubernetes Control Plane

The Kubernetes Control Plane forms the central nervous system of a Kubernetes cluster by maintaining a record of all of the Kubernetes Objects in the system, and running continuous control loops to verify and manage those objects’ state. Ensuring the Control Plane is running efficiently is critical to operating a Kubernetes cluster. In his recent blog post, Krishna Sharma demonstrates how to monitor the Kubernetes Control Plane using Datadog and Helm.

Keep an eye on your NVIDIA GPUs

From machine learning to cryptocurrency, GPUs are used for more than just gaming. Thanks to datadog_nvml, you can easily gather and report NVIDIA GPU statistics within Datadog, so you can keep a close eye on your resource usage and bounds during high-intensity processing jobs.