Announcing Datadog Agent 5.1 With Support for Btrfs and Go Expvar | Datadog

Announcing Datadog Agent 5.1 with support for Btrfs and Go expvar

Author Matt Williams

Published: November 24, 2014

We are excited to announce the newest release of the Datadog Agent (dd-agent 5.1.0). This latest Agent adds improved support for Btrfs and Go expvar and expands support for a few existing integrations (PostgreSQL, Jenkins, and more). You can find the detailed ChangeLog here.

Introducing support for Btrfs

Datadog Agent 5.1.0 introduces support for a relatively new Linux filesystem called Btrfs. Btrfs is already gaining traction and many of our customers are testing it in conjunction with Docker. Although the Datadog Agent 5.0 ran on Btrfs-based systems, its metrics for file sizes and disk usage were not reflecting the Copy-on-Write optimizations properly. This new update remedies that issue.

Displaying Used and Total Bytes on a Btrfs filesystem
Displaying Used and Total Bytes on a Btrfs filesystem

Introducing support for Go expvar

Another new feature for Datadog Agent 5.1.0 is support for “expvar” in Go. expvar is a Golang package that automatically exports the variables you specify and publishes them over http. Support for expvar means that those variables will now be available as metrics in a dashboard.

Displaying a Golang expvar value
Displaying a Golang expvar value

Expanded support for existing integrations

We have expanded our support for PostgreSQL, Jenkins, MongoDB, and directory integrations.

  • PostgreSQL - You can now access lock counts and bgwriter metrics to have a more in-depth view of the performance of your PostgreSQL database. As PostgreSQL users, we use the new metrics extensively.
  • Jenkins - You can now add results and build number to events tags. Thanks to Jesse Zoldak for this contribution.
  • MongoDB - Adds logging of server status errors. Thanks to Ivan Groenewold for this contribution.
  • Directories - Allows for file-specific gauges for the purpose of monitoring lock files. Thanks to Markus Ostertag for this contribution.

Datadog Agent 5.1 is available today and upgrade instructions can be found here. If you’re not currently a Datadog customer, sign up for a of Datadog and check out the latest support enhancements for Btrfs and Go expvar!