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Monitor the Windows Registry with Datadog

Learn how Datadog’s Windows Registry integration enables you to monitor and alert on key events that occur on ...

Monitor Windows Performance Counters with Datadog

Windows Performance Counters provide visibility into the internal state of an application in a production ...

Monitor Windows event logs with Datadog

Learn how Windows event logs can help you monitor your environment's security boundaries and provide ...

How to deploy the Datadog Agent on Windows with Ansible

Learn how to automatically deploy and configure the Datadog Agent on Windows hosts using Ansible inventories ...

Monitor Windows hosts with Network Performance Monitoring

Use Network Performance Monitoring for Windows to monitor multi-OS network performance.

Monitor your Windows containers with Datadog

Learn how you can use Datadog to monitor your containerized Windows applications in any environment.

Monitor Windows containers on Google Cloud with Datadog

Learn how you can use Datadog to monitor your containerized Windows applications deployed on Google Kubernetes ...

How to collect, customize, and analyze C# logs

Learn how to get more insights into your .NET applications by following these C# logging best practices.

Key IIS metrics to monitor

Learn how to monitor IIS performance and availability.

Collecting metrics with IIS monitoring tools

Learn how to collect IIS performance metrics.

IIS monitoring with Datadog

Learn how to use Datadog for IIS monitoring.

Announcing Windows support in Datadog process monitoring

We're pleased to announce that Datadog's Live Process monitoring is now available for Windows.

How to collect Windows Server 2012 metrics

Windows offers numerous, powerful tools for collecting, visualizing, and alerting on performance counters, ...

Introducing availability monitoring for Windows Services

Learn how you can have full visibility into Windows Services availability status (up or down) and can get ...

Datadog, now with Windows support

Datadog now supports Windows with the new Windows integrations, including IIS, Event Viewer, and more.