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Monitor Confluent Cloud with Datadog

Learn how Confluent Cloud users can now seamlessly collect and analyze key cluster metrics with Datadog.

Datadog acquires Timber Technologies

Datadog has acquired Timber Technologies, the company behind Vector, a vendor agnostic, high-performance data ...

Monitor Hazelcast with Datadog

With Datadog, you can monitor the health and performance of your Hazelcast IMDG cluster—and ensure that it is ...

Monitor Confluent Platform with Datadog

Monitor Confluent Platform components including connectors, REST proxy, and ksqlDB.

Monitor Apache Flink with Datadog

Datadog's Apache Flink integration collects metrics and logs to give you visibility into your Flink ...

Monitor Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka with Datadog

Learn how to monitor the components of your Amazon managed Kafka clusters with Datadog.

Monitor Druid with Datadog

Datadog’s Druid integration collects logs and metrics to give you visibility into your Druid cluster.

Monitor your customer data infrastructure with Segment and Datadog

Learn how Segment's API helps users track the health and performance of their event delivery pipelines.

Automate workflows with Datadog's Amazon EventBridge integration

Connect EventBridge to your Datadog alert notifications to auto-remediate issues and more.

Lessons learned from running Kafka at Datadog

Learn about several configuration-related issues we encountered while running 40+ Kafka and ZooKeeper ...

New dashboards for popular Azure services

Get faster visibility into your Azure environment with these new out-of-the-box dashboards.

Monitor Amazon Data Firehose performance

Datadog now integrates with Amazon Data Firehose

Monitor your Azure Event Hubs with Datadog

Now you can monitor your streaming data hubs in Azure using Datadog.

Hadoop & Spark monitoring with Datadog

Using Datadog you can now immediately start monitoring the four most widely-used technologies in the Hadoop ...

Collecting Kafka performance metrics

Learn to collect key performance metrics from Kafka and ZooKeeper.

Monitoring Kafka performance metrics

Monitor Kafka's key performance metrics to keep your cluster running smoothly at high throughput.

Monitor Amazon Kinesis performance

If you are using Kinesis in production, you probably want to know right away if there are any slowdowns or ...

Monitor ElastiCache with AWS metrics + native metrics

With our new ElastiCache integration, you can monitor ElastiCache metrics along with the native metrics from ...

Datadog Acquires Mortar Data

Today, we're very pleased to announce that all of the Mortar team and technology are now part of Datadog.

Understand AWS CloudWatch metrics and Datadog measurements

Gain additional data collection capabilities for your AWS Cloudwatch metrics with Datadog. Learn more.