Real User Monitoring | Datadog

Automatically identify and efficiently investigate frontend issues with RUM Watchdog Insights

Learn how to use Watchdog Insights to identify and investigate issues more efficiently in Datadog RUM.

Monitor your Roku channels with Datadog RUM

Learn how Datadog RUM now enables you to monitor your Roku channels.

Ensure release safety with feature flag tracking in Datadog RUM

Feature flag tracking is a new Datadog RUM capability that enriches your RUM data with feature flag tags, ...

Troubleshoot faulty frontend deployments with Deployment Tracking in RUM

Learn how you can quickly identify issues introduced in recent deployments with RUM Deployment Tracking.

Visualize user behavior with Datadog Heatmaps

Learn how you can analyze behavioral patterns in user clicks with Datadog Heatmaps.

Correlate Datadog RUM events with traces from OTel-instrumented applications

Learn how added support for W3C and B3 headers helps you gain full-stack visibility into your ...

RUM now offers React Native Crash Reporting and Error Tracking

Expedite debugging your React Native applications with readable error reports and built-in alerting.

Generate RUM-based metrics to track historical trends in customer experience

Learn how to gain deep insights into your application's user activity with RUM-based metrics in Datadog.

Identify and redact sensitive data in APM, RUM, and Events stream with Sensitive Data Scanner

Learn how the Datadog Sensitive Data Scanner enables you to identify and manage sensitive data leaks across ...

Track your test coverage with Datadog RUM and Synthetic Monitoring

Learn how Datadog RUM can help you understand your Synthetic test coverage and identify untested workflows.

How Datadog's Technical Solutions team uses RUM, Session Replay, and Error Tracking to resolve customer issues

Learn how Datadog's Technical Solutions team uses our own products to enhance their customer support and ...

Detect user pain points with Datadog Frustration Signals

Learn how Datadog RUM provides visibility into user frustration to identify points of friction in your ...