Real User Monitoring | Datadog

Measure long-term user engagement with Datadog Retention Analysis

Learn how Datadog Retention Analysis helps you visualize fluctuations in user engagement and uncover critical ...

Organize and analyze related session replays with Playlists in Datadog RUM

Learn how to group and organize related session replays with Playlists.

Visualize user interactions with your pages by using Scroll Maps in Datadog Heatmaps

Scroll Maps show you how far users scroll down a page, helping you gain insights into user interactions and ...

Monitor your mobile tests with Sofy’s offering in the Datadog Marketplace

Learn how to monitor mobile testing data and enhance your mobile app performance with the Sofy integration.

Create browser tests directly from Datadog RUM Session Replay

Learn how you can add instant value to your testing workflows by creating new browser tests in Datadog RUM ...

Easily test and monitor your mobile applications with Datadog Mobile Application Testing

Datadog's Mobile Application Testing provides no-code tooling for creating, maintaining, and running mobile ...

Visualize user journeys using Datadog Mobile Session Replay

Mobile Session Replay provides a video-like reproduction of real user journeys through your apps, helping ...

Optimize your frontend monitoring strategy with Datadog Synthetic Monitoring and RUM

Learn how combining observability data from Datadog RUM and Synthetic Monitoring can help you design more ...

Automatically identify and efficiently investigate frontend issues with RUM Watchdog Insights

Learn how to use Watchdog Insights to identify and investigate issues more efficiently in Datadog RUM.

Monitor your Roku channels with Datadog RUM

Learn how Datadog RUM now enables you to monitor your Roku channels.

Ensure release safety with feature flag tracking in Datadog RUM

Feature flag tracking is a new Datadog RUM capability that enriches your RUM data with feature flag tags, ...

Troubleshoot faulty frontend deployments with Deployment Tracking in RUM

Learn how you can quickly identify issues introduced in recent deployments with RUM Deployment Tracking.