October 7, 2013

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Detecting Outliers in Cloud Infrastructure with Datadog Heatmaps


When you scale your infrastructure in the cloud, you rely on a large number of servers to work in concert. These servers should have the same performance metrics, as they’re replicas of one another. If some are visibly behaving differently, you should be concerned. So, how do you find out if they’re behaving differently? Given […]

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December 20, 2011

Posted in: Datadog

Ask your systems what’s going on: monitor Chef with Datadog


This is a guest post from Mike Fiedler, system engineer extraordinaire, first published on his blog and reproduced hereinafter. This is a sysadmin/devops-style post. Disclaimers are that I work with these tools and people, and like what they do. Chaos and Automation In some amount of our professional lives, we are tasked with bringing order […]

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