Log Management | Datadog

Investigate your log processing with the Datadog Log Pipeline Scanner

Learn how the Log Pipeline Scanner makes it easy to troubleshoot issues with your log processing pipelines.

Discover, triage, and remediate sensitive data issues at scale with Sensitive Data Scanner

Learn how Sensitive Data Scanner can help you manage sensitive data, plug leaks, and maintain compliance.

Use Datadog Dynamic Instrumentation to add application logs without redeploying

Learn how you can use Dynamic Instrumentation to add logs to your code at runtime.

Stream your Google Cloud logs to Datadog with Dataflow

Learn how the Pub/Sub-to-Datadog Dataflow template enables you to route your Google Cloud logs into Datadog ...

Ingest OpenTelemetry logs with the Datadog Agent

Learn how to use the Datadog Agent to directly ingest OTLP logs from your OpenTelemetry-instrumented ...

Integrate Sigma detection rules with Datadog Cloud SIEM

Learn how Sigma's out-of-the-box rules can help your security teams quickly and easily detect threats in your ...

Conduct historical security investigations with Datadog Cloud SIEM Investigator

Explore and visualize log data from long-running security breaches to understand and contain attacks.

Store and analyze high-volume logs efficiently with Flex Logs

Datadog Log Management now offers a comprehensive solution for all of your logging use cases.

Query unsampled logs in real time with Live Search

Learn how Live Search for Log Management supports real-time troubleshooting investigations by providing search ...

Monitor Windows event logs with Datadog

Learn how Windows event logs can help you monitor your environment's security boundaries and provide ...

Best practices for monitoring CDN logs

Learn how monitoring your CDN logs can help you improve network performance and security.

Use CIDR notation queries to filter your network traffic logs

Learn how to use CIDR notation in Datadog Log Management to easily search and analyze network traffic.