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Diagnose runtime and code inefficiencies in production by using Continuous Profiler's timeline view

Learn how you can use Continuous Profiler’s new timeline view to investigate the causes behind application ...

How We Migrated Our Static Analyzer From Java To Rust

Learn how we enhanced our static analyzer by migrating from Java to Rust, tripling performance improvements ...

Detect Java code-level issues with Seagence and Datadog

Learn how the Seagence integration enables you to quickly detect concurrency-related bugs and other issues in ...

State of Application Security

We analyzed data from thousands of organizations to discover which vulnerabilities really matter, which ...

Real-time distributed tracing for Go and Java Lambda Functions

Learn how Datadog provides visibility into the performance of your Go and Java Lambda functions.

Datadog API client libraries now available for Java and Go

Use our API client libraries to programmatically collect, search, and update your monitoring data.

Collecting Amazon MQ metrics and logs

Collect and query Amazon MQ metrics via Amazon CloudWatch and the ActiveMQ Web Console.

Monitor Java memory management with runtime metrics, APM, and logs

Learn how to detect memory management issues with JVM runtime metrics, garbage collection logs, and alerts.

Java runtime monitoring with JVM metrics in Datadog APM

JVM runtime metrics provide detailed context for troubleshooting Java application performance issues.

How to collect, customize, and standardize Java logs

Use these Java logging tips and best practices to get deeper insight into your Java applications.

Analyzing Tomcat logs and metrics with Datadog

Learn how to monitor and analyze Tomcat logs and metrics with Datadog.

Collecting metrics with Tomcat monitoring tools

Learn how to use Tomcat monitoring tools like JConsole and JavaMelody to collect and visualize key metrics ...

Key metrics for monitoring Tomcat

Learn about the Tomcat architecture and the key Tomcat performance metrics that you should monitor.

Announcing APM & distributed tracing for Java applications

Monitor and optimize your Java applications with Datadog APM and distributed tracing.

Monitor Tomcat metrics with Datadog

Monitor Tomcat metrics easily, including servlet metrics, in one out-of-the-box dashboard with Datadog's ...

Easy JMX discovery & browsing with the open source Agent

The Datadog Agent is bundled with two tools to help you collect JMX metrics: JMXFetch and Jmxterm. In this ...

Introducing JMX custom tagging

JMX custom tagging is now a reality! Create custom tags that are more descriptive and helpful. Learn more.

Improve Java performance: Monitor JMX Metrics with Datadog

Don't get bogged down when trying to access and understand your JMX metrics in order to improve Java ...